Canada 1859 Large cent What variety is this?

Just received a bunch of Canada large cents back from a Canadian TPG.
I am wondering what Variety and grade this 1859 is.
there are a few others to come , but one after the other or it gets confusing.
thank you guys for helping out.

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  • @YQQ Here is my take on it:
    I would think you coin would be XF, with the variety being double "185" and DPN 9 #1.
    This is your coin: Note the doubling in the 1, 8 and 5

    Compare with the standard double 185:

    And the double 9:

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    Sorry, @obone got it wrong. It is DP 9 #4. Die cracks match that of reverse E25a:


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  • @1960NYGiants Nice eye! Missed this website and I just thought the entire date was doubled lol. Usually they only feature the 9s for varieties.

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    Yep, it's a DP#4. A DP#1 will always have a D/C from 1st lobe of leaf 9 to the denticle. The D/P on the 5 is a good marker for the #4's

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    Thank you Fellows and a very happy and prosperous New Year.
    Just came back from a small dinner party at a friends house. I took some Zero % Budweiser beer along and just like clockwork on the way home went through not ONE, but TWO alcohol checks. Its a good thing they do that.

    **The Canadian TPG graded the subject coin as a " F12-DP9 variation". **
    When I sent it, I was hoping it would be a #4, but was not sure.
    I hoped for the coin to get a VF was not to be. I know itis much better than F12.
    I will have to check the DP1's I sent with the shipment. Will check for the DC you mentioned.
    I have a few other interesting 59s I will post in the new year.

    Today is the first day of the rest of my life
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    Except for the lower right quadrant, inside the beads, on the Reverse, it's a VF-30 by my eye, but cleaned.

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