Help identifying and estimating value

Helping a family member clean out the barn of a relative and came across this in a scrapbook of asst stuff that’s been untouched for 25+ years.

I’m a sports card guy and currency isn’t my forte. Any help is appreciated


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    Unfortunately it's a reproduction and has no collector value.
    Here's a real one for comparison.

  • Thx for the quick response.

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    Tooky is 100% correct.

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    @Tookybandit said:
    Unfortunately it's a reproduction and has no collector value.
    Here's a real one for comparison.

    Very nice note, thanks for sharing!

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    Very nice !!! :)

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    What's the giveaway here?
    Serial number known to be repro?
    Nature of the paper stock?
    Blurred 'engraving?'

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    Even if it weren't listed on Crutch's site, there are several big clues it's a bad note:
    -Paper is wrong - that brown thick paper was never used for these notes
    -Margins - huge boardwalk margins aren't seen on these notes, look how close Tooky's is cut
    -Signatures & date - they're printed rather than done by hand in different ink

    Always good to use the bad ones as a tool for learning!

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    Most everything hand signed in this timeframe was done in the old sepia brown ink, as seen in Tooky's note (very nice btw).
    Black signatures that match the other parts of the note and have incomplete areas are indicative of printed repros.
    Also, as pointed out above, the paper on a genuine is much thinner and usually has tight margins. Also a dead giveaway on the note in question is that both obverse and reverse of this fake have the same exact design, and in two different colors.
    They weren't printed this way.

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