1901 Indian head penny

I HAVE A 1901 Indian head penny.The obverse in good condition; The reverse is blank! It does not seem to be ground off. Infomation please.


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    How bout you give us the diameter, weight, and nice clear image of obv and rev for starters.

    Weight: approx. 3g
    Diameter: 1.9cm
    No image shows on the reverse.
    Your evaluation please.
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    And to you too DOE. The weight should be 4.6g so it would appear the rev was filed off for some reason. 3.0g can't be just wear and tear. IMO. Peace Roy

  • Red book says variety 3 bronze 3 1864~1909 weight is 3.11grams.

  • Looked up in Red Book from 1859~1864 variety [email protected] weighed 4.67. From 1864 ~1909 VARIETY 3 WEIGHED 3.11 grams.

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    @DukeOfEarl Welcome to the PCGS forums!

    For some reason the coin looks not quite authentic, could be wrong.

    Post an edge pic, please.

    Coin Facts for comparison

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    I think the bottom line is that there is only the slightest of chances that it is an error. Another planchet would have to have been involved to take the reverse impression, and if there were multiple planchets involved then I assume there would be other signs of that.

    The easiest explanation is that the reverse was planed off.

  • Red book says from 1859~1864 variety 1&2 weigh 4.67 grams
    Variety 3 is from 1864~1909 weigh 3.11grams.

  • I appreciate all the input about my 1901 penny. Iam sending an edge pic. I think you’re right about the planchets. I would appreciate if anybody comes across a penny like this give me a shout out.

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    Maybe someone was preparing to make a counterstamp.


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    @Hemispherical said:
    Maybe someone was preparing to make a counterstamp.

    Or a love token, which I suspect is a tiny bit more likely. The reverse was prepped, but the final engraving never got done.

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