Any thoughts on the 2015 Blue Ridge Park way quarter error?

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    Not sure what is being looked at.

    The two vertical lines are the edges of the bricks on the wall.

    Where the petal of the flower overlaps the leaf maybe part of the design. If it is not part of the design then it might be a die chip.

    Mass produced quarter in the millions.

    Comparison. Coin Facts

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    Are you showing a die chip? Find more, give it a catchy name and...

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    I got another

  • TimbobbTimbobb Posts: 176 ✭✭✭

    Here I fount another. And it’s bigger.

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    I think you need to tell us what you see. Thanks.

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    Looking like a die chip.

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    @Hemispherical said:
    Looking like a die chip.

    Yes. 3 of the same Quarters 2015 Blue Ridge. With 3 different size die chips. I think the 3rd quarter is kinda like that Wisconsin quarter with the extra leaf. The 3rd quarter has a nice size die chip. They must have feel asleep in operation. Kept running. We got to get this order done today. Supervisor like hurry up with that order. I’m leaving for vacation to the Blue Ridge Park way. Going camping ⛺️ 😎🤔💵

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    The catchy name for my die chip is Lazy chip eye. 😂😂

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