Post Office Boxes - What about mail with signature required?

Not sure if this is the right place to ask the question, but I feel like the members of these forums probably know everything and more that one could ever want to know about PO Boxes. So my question is this: If I get a package shipped to a PO Box with signature required, does the post office leave the package for me in the box and sign for it themselves when they do that? Or is the package left at a will call window and I have to come in during business hours to get it from there?

Thanks! Trying to decide if a PO Box is right for me.

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    You'll get a card and have to sign for it. Depending on your PO, there may be a separate window (often with a doorbell--they come over when someone is waiting) to get PO Box mail, or you just wait in line and get it over the counter. This is the same for large parcels, though some PO's will have lockers where some large parcels (not requiring a signature) are placed, and the key left in your box. If your PO doesn't have lockers, or all the lockers are full, you'll get the mail the same way you would a signature-required package.

    I have one of the small PO boxes because most of my mail requires a signature, so my box usually just has cards letting me know I have to pick something up. No need to pay for the bigger box if most of my mail can't be left there, even if it fit.

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    Interesting, thanks! I figured someone here would know. What's a good price for a PO Box across the country? The 'big post office' in my city is $82 per year and the closest one to me (beautiful structure) is $96. Is it better to be at the 'big' office or the close office? We are talking both are less than a mile from me.

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    If everything, other than the price, is generally the same I would try and pick the one with the better customer service and wait time if you had to get a package larger than your box.

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