Value of consecutive large size silver certificates and best way to sell?

Hello, visitor from the coin side of the boards. An old friend who knows I dabble in coins approached me the other day about some notes left to him by his grandfather and I told him I would seek out some opinions on value and best way to maximize resale value for him. He is an older gentleman now himself and is anticipating some upcoming expenses in the new year. He would also like to hang onto some of the notes because of the family connection for so long. Here is what he removed from some old envelopes, 4 $5 Fed notes in consecutive order (all notes $5's and $1's are crisp as the day they were printed- at least they feel that way to me). He has several different runs of 1923 $1 silver certificates- the largest being 25 consecutive, 2 different runs of 7 and a run of 3. (interestingly the one run of seven is only missing 1 note from being combined with the run of 3 for making a run of 11-but he doesn't have missing note :( ). I'm not sure of the added value of consecutive numbers for such notes, and especially the one large run of 25. Anyway to estimate or anyone know approximate value? He wanted me to see about consigning to an auction possibly. I told him it might be best to have them graded first or try private sale? Opinions are welcome...oh and some pictures!


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    Nice group of notes. Personally I wouldn’t know exactly how to handle these, but I know someone who does. I took the liberty of contacting him and sent him a link to this thread. Hopefully he will contact you to discuss maximizing values for your friend.

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    That's me! PM sent

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    Very nice, look like Crisp Uncirculated notes!

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