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the floor layout is posted
also the dealer list with table numbers

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    What is Budget Section defined as ?

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    I think budget is under $1000

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    The budget section does not allow coins priced over $1,000.00 to be displayed. That doesn't mean there are not more expensive coins hiding in the Budget Section though! B)

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    Thanks for the heads up. Because of the size of the floor area, I always mark on a layout map the top 10-15 dealers I want to see first. I cover those tables on Thursday and then Friday and Saturday are my "roaming" days. That saves plenty of time that way. That's especially true this year since I've got to set up an exhibit, help staff a Club table, and give an Educational Seminar on Friday (not counting lot viewing and trying to spend money in the Heritage auction).

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    Is it possible to visit every table in 1 day? Asking for a friend.

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    Is it possible to visit every table in 1 day? Asking for a friend.

    If you average no more than 1 minute per table, (with no bathroom or lunch breaks) then the answer is yes.

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    @opportunity said:
    Is it possible to visit every table in 1 day? Asking for a friend.

    No is the short answer

    I do as @2ndCharter suggests and I mark up a floor map.
    Last year I didn't get to all the circled tables until my 3rd day (which was a short 2 hour day)

    Your friend is very lucky to have even one day at F.U.N.

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    @opportunity said:
    Is it possible to visit every table in 1 day? Asking for a friend.

    It usually takes me 3 days to cover every table.

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    One of these days I will attend FUN.

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    I’m at table 317.

    Please stop by and say hello, talk bust coins and maybe buy or sell an item or two.


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