Non-Paying/Early ending auctions to T&P: Does it effect value?

I've noticed a trend with Track & Price- Many notes appear showing as 'last sold for', that never actually sold! Alot of non-paying bidders, yet the results still get tabulated into the system. Sandy is great at locating these, however, and has been great at assisting me in taking these down.

Anybody have a better idea for weeding these out? Why should an auction result that was ended early go into the system, or some bloke who refused to pay when he recieved a wonderful deal on a note via auction?

I would think it ultimately affects value, and it definitely affects resell! The first thing many shop owners do now (respectably) is head over to T&P to see what the last auction price was.

In my opinion, a note didn't actually "sell" until the bidder paid for the item, but i'm sure I may get some flack for that opinion!



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