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FS: Motivated to Sell:1899 Black Eagle, 1874 Fractional, PCGS 68PPQ 1957 B Silver $1, 1935 HAWAII $1

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Prefer to sell as a lot. $100 shipped. All notes are high resolution scans on a white background and are true to color. Note pictured is the note you will receive. If you are buying an individual note, add $7 for shipping. Motivated to move these, send me an offer on the group. Will throw in the PMG sample if you buy the group.

1935 A HAWAII $1- $5
No notable tears. Multiple creases, the most prominent being down the middle.

1874 Fractional 25c- $35
I am not a currency expert, but I grade this as an UNC note. No tears or creases. Bold bright printing with prominent blue fibers.

1957 B Silver Certificate PCGS 68PPQ- $35
Bold printing. Grade says enough.

1899 Black Eagle $1- $25
Tear down center at top, travels downwards about 1 inch. A good example of "it is what it is". A cool, popular note, in well handled condition.

PMG Sample Free With Lot

Sold To: 123cents, 1Tommy, acloco, airplanenut, ajaan, ajia, ankurJ, bestclser1, BigJohnD, Bigjpst, Bob13, Boosibri, Broadstruck, Bustcuds, coinhoarder, coinkid855, CoinRaritiesOnline, collectorcoins, commoncents05, DanielBoone, DantesDad, derryb, drewsef, gambinodtx, GaryB, Golden, Greencopper, harry779, jdimmick, kklambo, lkeigwin, LukeMarshall, maprince230, meltdown, MFH, Milkcoin, Mkman123, morgansforever, Musky1011, mustanggt, okiedude, patches, ponderit, ponyexpress8, praedator, preturb, UltraHighRelief, savoyspecial, scrapman1077, shrub68, SlangNRox, Sonorandesertrat, splitaces, terburn88, whatsup, zas107

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