Tape Removal From Chief

This nice, crispy Chief has tape residue. Is there a way to safely remove it? Thanks!

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    Acetone. Pure, not nail polish remover. I use a glass casserole dish (other materials might melt). Just soak the note and let it set in the acetone and the tape should go away. It shouldn't hurt the note at all, but don't try on red seals with out spot checking first.

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    I was afraid the solvent would smear the ink too

    "Let me tell ya Bud, you can buy junk anytime!"
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    Good luck !!! :)

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    Good luck !!! :)

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    PM sent

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  • I've done this kind of work on hundreds of notes, but the main thing is if you're not comfortable working on it. Don't do anything.

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    I don't know what you've done different, but that's never happened to me. To each their own. Also, I;m not trying to be combative, I'm just curious to why you've had the results you've had.

  • Well a dealer told me this weekend they used a dawn dish soap and water soak...... :s

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    have it done by a professional---much too expensive of a note--

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    To me, it looks as if tape residue removal is not going to help this note all that much. There seems to have been significant ink and paper loss when some of the tape was peeled away. Removal of the remaining tape residue isn't going to repair that damage.

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