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Paul McCartney signing habits?!


i might have a chance at a concert to meet Pauls Manager before a Show and i want to give him a Beatles Album to pass on to Paul to sign it. has anybody experience if Paul signs Beatles Albums or he preferes his solo Albums to sign? do you guys think he would Maybe even sign two Albums? should i as him to personalize it like writing "to Chris" or rather not? any thoughts? everything is helpful! thank you!



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    If it is going to be out of your sight how will you know if the signature is even real? If I were Paul McCartney I would decline to sign anything like that and would have an assistant do the signing, if it were signed at all. This is the age of the internet and many/most such autographs are obtained strictly for quick sale. The celebrities are well aware of this.

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  • Well i am in the music business as well and i know the tour manager and he said he will try for me. I will be backstage but i am not allowed to get to pauls room at the venue. But he is and he will try for me since he knows i am a big beatles fan and i already habe a harrison autograph on a cheque. And he wont fake an autograph. He would tell me if it didnt work out. I trust him so far and since i want it for myself and not to sell it i dont care for a coa.

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    If it is just for you get it personalized, however I Would suggest not getting a personalized autograph, if you ever want to sell it or hand it down to your kids. If the manager can snap a photo of Paul signing to send you that would be a major +

    I dont think Paul has a problem signing anything he is a very kind person. Definitely try to get him to sign early Beatles albums if possible, if you are so bold an acoustic guitar.

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