Possible rare 1944 wheat cent?

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I have put all of my 1944 wheats together as a visual reference and comparisons. I can't find anything that resembles this coin. I currently don't have a scale, so im unfortunately unsure of the weight. J appreciate your insight in advance.



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    So far, all I see is a different color. The coin looks normal to me and even shows some possible corrosion. A weight should be helpful.

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    Digital scale and digital calipers at Harbour Freight 9. each work great! Peace Roy

  • Im heading out to get a scale right now, but between now and then, I have not seen a 1944 example of coloring. What might have caused this.

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    It is just discolored, but it has a cool look to it. I like it. I have an album it would fit into.

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    Can we all agree it is either worth 3c or 10,000 $'s?

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    @abcde12345 said:
    Can we all agree it is either worth 3c or 10,000 $'s?

    Shall we start a poll to see which one?

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    Looks discolored for sure

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    Which coin are you talking about - the one off by itself or the dark one in the big group?

    It doesn't really matter, as they all look normal. Coins (especially copper) tone/tarnish/discolor differently based on environmental conditions.

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    Eeny meeny miney mo. Which cent is the one? Peace Roy

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    Yes, nothing unusual in these 1944 cents.

    But....1944 and 1945 cents were struck with "Shell Case Copper" which were copper cartridges picked up off WW2 battlefields and shipped back to the States to be struck into 1944 and 1945 Cents. Their color as BU coins was slightly different than years before and after due to the salvaged copper.

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