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We at Bitssa.com believe that the confidence in Bitcoin is not going to fade away and only for those who have complete knowledge on the subject and who are aware that bitcoin is the result of a highly secure technological marvel called the Blockchain and it is here only to stay. But those people who are losing confidence in it are only those skeptics who have no knowledge about Bitcoin and the advantages of having a value storing digital asset like bitcoin. Sooner or later they are going to realize that how secure, quick and cost-effective it is to use Bitcoins. And it can be seen from the recent trends that Bitcoins are being accepted in many countries for its aforementioned advantages. In many countries, Bitcoins are being accepted as an alternative mode of payment. There are Bitcoin ATMs that are facilitating the sale and purchase of Bitcoins for the common man. Some countries like the Philippines are accepting Bitcoin for Airlines and as school fees. So, slowly and steadily Bitcoin is gaining the confidence of the global economy. As far as volatility is concerned, it is only a matter of time that Bitcoin will gain stability once it gets incorporated in the global financial ecosystem.
The uncountable amount or number of transactions on the blockchain network of the bitcoin cryptocurrency will sufficiently prove that people still have loads of confidence in the bitcoin as it continues to increase in its number of transactions per second and the blockchain using 90% of its capacity.
The trust is there and the proof is on the market cap, Bitcoin remains at the top and no other coin surpass that status. If you look and understand the graphs and capitalization of Bitcoin, then you would probably not going to have any doubt about Bitcoin since the statistics speak for this currency.
It's easy to talk about the accumulation of extra money, but it isn't fun, especially when your property portfolio drops 80% and you have nothing else to invest. If you are a maximalist, but you are having trouble wondering when electronic assets like Bitcoin will rise again, this is the time for you to act. The accumulation doesn't stop when the trading floor. In fact, it is a work that needs to go through the year, as a stepping stone to boosting growth as the market recovers. Finding a job related to electronic money is also a way for you to accumulate satoshi when their prices are still low. Just spend the money you need to stay and keep the rest of the money safe until the season. Altcoin or Bitcoin again. "Life changes very fast. If you do not stop and look around you, you will miss your life. "Electronic money won't go anywhere. When you are ready to make it your love, it will continue with you


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    Get lost.

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    I've never had any confidence in Bitcoin !!! :'(

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    Confidence in a pyramid scheme? LOL.

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