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Best way to buy nice Zeppelin Stamps?

I don't really collect Stamps. Oh, I have a few and my Grandma gave me her accumlation when I was a Kid (those are all long gone 😣) . Ive always had in mind that I wanted some of those Zeppelin Stamps in wonderful Mint , never Hinged, mint gum, certified, etsc, etc. So are these a safe buy now? Are values dropping like a stone? I saw some nice ones offered a few years ago but at around $10,000 for a set of 3, I passed..... really quick.

Lately, I've seen uncertified singles at around maybe $400 up to around maybe $600. Didn't really get too much into it, I was just doing a quick scan.

Anyway, how is the world of Stamps going? I still have an appreciation for Stamps gained as a Kid learning many tidbits of History from them. The Zeppelin Stamps have always been my Holy Grail. Maybe it's time to just Go For It?


  • I had a beautiful Air Mail stamp collection which included errors, etc. Always been fascinated with airplanes. Had the Zeps 3/4 times but as soon as I received them, I would sell them for one reason or another. Even bought an entire set of mint stamps, (disturbed back), for $550. Offers are out there, but you have to be patient and search.

    Some years ago I was trying to sell a stamp collection. Within minutes I received an email from a lady that apparently had been in the business at one time or another. She said the business was done with and was not expecting stamps to rebound for a long time. I am now kind of getting the same feeling as I read some of the posts on this site. I have not had the opportunity to look at the new Scott catalogs.

    Plenty of stuff on eBay. I would just give out ridiculous offers...worse thing that can happen is they say "no." But you'll be amazed at all the material I've acquired. I find 19th century stamps fascinating.

  • I started collecting stamps around 1963 my dad got me started cause he was a collector. Had the whole air mail set minus the zeps for a long time about 10 years ago i pulled the trigger and bought them all a stamp show in nyc. But a Scott catalog two years ago almost had a heart attack when I seen the price of what stamps are selling for now I lost a lot of money over all these years I still love my stamps but it seems stamp collecting is going downhill I don't see the prices ever going back up so I just passed him down to the grandkids. If you love The zeps and you don't care about the money just buy them.

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