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    OMG are you serious?

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    Wow !!! :'(

  • lucky to sell at 1/100 of asking price.

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    Should I send it in for grading to up the value? That is, what is the chances of it getting a 70 grade?

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    It does not have much value unfortunately. Other people sell the same coin for $16-$40, or ask that much. Good luck. Also it looks like you did not leave feedback for your only eBay customer, who has a feedback score of 0...

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    Charles, when listing an item on eBay, it’s a good idea to first do a search on the item your listing, then click on “completed items” in the left column. It will show previous sales of your item so you can get a good gauge of what you can expect your item to sell for. It’s a good reference if anything.

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    @Charleshicks51 said:
    Should I send it in for grading to up the value? That is, what is the chances of it getting a 70 grade?

    The chances of a 70 on this are very very low. Looks like decent coin from your photos but also looks like a couple of spots here and there. If there are any marks, discolorations, spots etc. on the coin, anything at all, it will not get a 70. And no one is going to spend 70 money on this without it being graded first.

    IMO not worth the grading fees but if you feel strongly send it in and then list it if it gets the grade you want / think it is. But it is a risk because the grading fees and postage would add up to more than the coin is worth if it is not perfect.


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  • Good luck with your sale😎

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