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Sold, Thank You.

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I've had a small collection of paper notes for years that I'd like to sell.
I'm not certain of the value, so I'd be happy to receive any offers.
If anyone would like additional pictures or have any questions, please PM me.
Thanks for the consideration.

I have dozens of BST transactions and I'd be happy to share references if you'd like.

Canadian 1923 twenty five cent note. A "Shinplaster"

Two 1963A Two dollar notes,red seal,crisp uncirculated with consecutive serial numbers:

Six 1976 Two dollar notes. Most are very crisp, one is uncirculated:

Three 1953A Five Dollar Silver Certificates, one crispy, two avg circulation.

One Ten dollar Fed reserve note, 1934, crispy but wear evident.

Eight One dollar silver certificates, 1935, C,D,E & F mix. Average wear

Seventeen One dollar silver certificates, 1957, A&B mix. Average wear, couple very crispy.


Many successful BST transactions with dozens of board members, references on request.


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