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WTB 1923 $1 Legal and 1918 $1 FRN LOW BALL

Hi gang. Tootawl here. I'm looking for the following $1 low balls in Fair 2. I know that currently there are no Fair 2s in the categories but I'm hoping that someone has 1 of these bills hidden away somewhere.

1923 $1 Legal Tender Fr. 40
1918 $1 Federal Reserve Bank Note Fr. 708-746

I'm trying to get my $1 large size low ball design set to get below an impossible 2.0 average. I'm currently at 2.02.

PCGS Currency: HOF 2013, Best Low Ball Set 2009-2014, 2016, 2018. Appreciation Award 2015, Best Showcase 2018, Numerous others.


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