When did you first see a PSA slabbed sport card?

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I remember a seller at the Toronto's Hockey Card And Memorabilia Expo in the early nineties a dealer from the area named Harvey Goldfarb showed us some PSA graded cards they were so few that they were in a shoe box and it was a jaw dropping moment!



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    In 1996/1997. I was a kid and I stumbled into a NYC card shop and saw several graded 1993/1994 finest basketball refractors in the display case. I had no real understanding of what they were at that point,

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    I picked up my first PSA graded card in 1992. I think it was Oscar Robertson?

    I went to the National in Atlanta that year and met Mike Baker who gave me this "sample" PSA holder. On display that year was the PSA 8 graded Wagner card.

    I also met Alan Hager - ASA grading company - who patented the Arrowhead holder that PSA adopted along with his 10 point grading system. He - also - gave me a sample holder.


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    Not sure of the year, early 90's, East Coast National, 1971 Roberto Clemente in PSA 9, I asked how much and he said 4, i said $400? he said $4000, I laughed for an hour as I walked away

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    These PSA sample cards have to be pretty darn rare. I have a 1988 Gary Thurman in a sample holder. These sample cards are truly a piece of PSA history. I would be interested to know how many are floating out there besides mine and yours Stone.

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    I've got 3 Samples in my collection ...

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    Not sure but it may be when I tripped over a stack of them in Bob's basement.

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    I believe it was in 1994 at the Shriner's Auditorium show in Wilmington, Massachusetts. It was a 1971 Nolan Ryan O-Pee-Chee card that was graded a PSA 7OC.


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    Late 1996. There was a fellow Mattingly fan near Charleston I used to trade with / buy from. He had the basic rookies, Topps, Fleer, Donruss all in psa 9. PSA 9's were a big deal at that time also because so few cards had been sent for grading at that time. That's certainly changed :)

  • 2012 when I started back into the hobby.

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    Would have been in the mid 90's. I scoffed at the time thinking "i don't need someone to tell me the grades of my cards" little did I know 20 years later how many psa cards i would own

  • I first saw a PSA card in SCD around 1995/96 I believe. In early 1997 I discovered eBay and bought my first PSA card, which was a T207 PSA 7 common. I was hooked after that.

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