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What's the best way to get signatures authenticated and to figure out value ?? I recently bought an autographed Washington Redskins coffee mug and football off of a local Facebook yard sale page very cheap. The seller knew very little about them, and said they were just part of a large estate sale that he had purchased.

The football is very hard to read, due to the dimples on the ball. Other than Joe Jacoby, I havent been able to make out any of the signatures. The coffee mug on the other hand has lots of legible signatures, including Joe Jacoby, Darrell Green, Doug Williams, John Riggins, several lesser known players, a few I still haven't figured out, and to top it off, Sean Taylor.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks !


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    PSA/DNA can be used to authenticate multi-signed items. Determining value is the hard part... it’ll probably run you $150 plus shipping costs to authenticate that many signatures, so finding a comparison to see if it’s worth that cost is the challenge...


  • That's what I was seeing , about $150 and up for the service on that many autographs. I was hoping to find someone more into just the Redskins maybe, in order to help identify the other few that I haven't figured out yet. Thanks for the input !!

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    Always great to hear of other Skins fans!
    I hate to be the bad guy here but all the autos on the mug look bad.
    I know signing a rounded mug makes it a little tougher to sign but the
    letters and angles of the signatures are off.
    Jacoby doesn't round off his J's like that, The D in Doug is wrong and he ends his
    signature with the "ams" line level with the i.
    Sean Taylor doesn't break his signature. His auto starts with a skinny looping
    S that backs up into a fat looping what looks like a J flowing straight into
    what looks like a looping cap P flowing into a flat lined L.
    Not sure about the Riggins, Green or football since you didn't post examples.
    I've been a Redskins season ticket holder for over 50 years and have received
    thousands of autos in person at games, practices, luncheons and alumni events.
    Just my 2 cents for what it's worth.

    Craig AKA "Crazylegs"
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