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PCGS Cert verification info incorrect

Im just starting to load up coins for my registry sets, and I ran into a problem. Every coin that I own with a PCGS 7 digit serial number (rattlers) that starts with 501XXXX has incorrect info on the PCGS verification page.
My 1963 25c PR65 (cert#5014109) comes up as a 1910 $20 in MS63
My 1963 10c PR66 (cert#5010745) comes up as invalid
My 1957 25c PR65 (cert#5014093) comes up as a 1853 G$1 in AU53
My 1962 10c PR67 (cert#5014059) comes up as a 1906-D $20 in MS63.

I checked the serial numbers on bunch of rattlers currently on ebay, and every coin with a 501XXXX or 502XXXX serial number has incorrect information on the cert verification page. Emails to PCGS were promptly answered, and they were kind enough to offer my free shipping and free reholders for my four 501XXXX coins. But, of course, I have to decline that as the goal of my set it to put it together in rattlers only, and a reholder would just ruin the coins.

Has anyone had any luck with our hosts just correcting the database?


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