William Woodin, 1933 Secretary, signature on 1928 Bill

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William Woodin was Treasury Secretary for a few months in 1933. If this is the case, why does his signature appear on the series 1928 dollar bill?

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    It is a Series of 1928 not an actual date of 1928.

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    These series 1928 $1 USN’s were printed in early 1933, and like @golden mentions, the series dates on US paper currency is not reflective of print dates, unlike coins that show the actual mint date.

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    What Daffy said. I learned this with the Hawaii and North Africa emergency releases. My immediate question was how could you release a note in 1934(or 35) when the war had not started yet? I learned that the dates don't happen that way with currency.

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    Series 1934 notes were issued until the 1950s, well after the series 1950 were introduced.

    Sheets were often printed and stockpiled for years before being serial numbered and shipped out to banks. As a result, it was not unusual for the BEP to issue notes with an earlier dates after a new date had been introduced.

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    Awesome, thanks much for the replies!

    The most expensive purchase is the forgery.

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