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Chicago Cubs World Series Champions (2016) - why no Montgomery

Does anyone know why PSA has not included Mike Montgomery in the "Chicago Cubs World Series Champions (2016)" registry set (Baseball --> Key Card Sets)? There are only 24 of the 25 World Series roster players, the 25th being Montgomery. Considering he was pitching when the final out was made, surprised he's not in the set?


  • RobbyRobby Posts: 652 ✭✭✭

    Good question ! Possibly because whoever requested the set forgot about him , or they didn't have a
    rookie card in a Psa slab to submit ???? Contact Psa and request that he be added to the set !
    Do you have a rookie card in mind to suggest for Montgomery ???

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  • I'd say either the 2016 Topps Now or the 2017 Topps Heritage #509. Those are effectively your only two choices. All the other cards of him, dating back to 2008 to me are prospect cards in today's world and not rookies to it depends on your interpretation.

    Montgomery didn't play in the MLB until 2015 for Seatlle where he pitched in 16 games but they didn't produce a card for him that year. Both the 2016 Topps Now and 2017 Topps Heritage have him in the Cubs uniform. I don't believe he was in any update series or anything.

    For this registry set, I"m inclined to say his 2016 Topps Now (#662) should be the one included as the card depicts him as the final out is made of the World Series for which the set represents. To me, the alternate would be his 2017 Topps Heritage (#509)

    I'll pick up both! :-)

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