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    @thebeav said:
    Looks like two dollars and some paper......


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    Ok, maybe 3 dollars. They show the one stack split and a note shows. Even so, what good would they be sealed in acrylic like that? I think you would destroy them if you try to take them out in about any manner.

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    It's certainly a cool item but the seller claims there's $500 face within it and that's plain wrong and a misrepresentation. Also,not to nit-pick but what's with the crazy expensive shipping.Someone got taken bad on that deal(most likely because they believed it really has $500 in it).....unless the buyer really believed it is worth that much without the $500 in it.If that's the case,I would venture a guess that he is in a very small group that would agree.

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    I had one of these as a conversation piece back in the 1970's. There are only two $1 bills inside.

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