Edit- 1863 Sutler 43 D Regiment 25 Cent Scrip

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Hii All-
Dont get over to the currency board often, but need some
help. Could not find much on this paper Dated Jan 1 1863
Paper seems period correct, ink is brown.....any help appreciated!

Thanks, RJ


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    @teddysmith1952 said:
    Interesting. Is that date 1868 or 1863? If it's 1868 (post civil war) then I'm stuck..... Looking forward to expert input.. Thanks for posting.

    Looked again...I figure it had to be 1863 but it REALLY looked like 1868 ....must be the "closed 3 " variety :)

    Not a whole lot out there on the net so any expert input would be great! RJ

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    In general, Sutler scrip, such as this is rare and well collected. Also, in general, Southern sutlers are rarer and pricier than their Northern counterparts. Your note looks 100% genuine, but is not quite as nice as the Heritage example. Based on the Heritage price, which I believe is fair retail, this one should be worth $1000, give or take a bit.

    Sutlers were private merchants who followed regiments during the Civil War and sold the soldiers both necessities and luxury items, often second quality and/or at premium prices. Some issued metallic tokens, others paper scrip.

    Collector and dealer in obsolete currency. Always buying all obsolete bank notes and scrip. Ebay listings
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    Sellitstore, thanks for the information...wow...made my day! Best regards, RJ

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    :) !!!

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