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submission question

Anyway, My friend has a signed Reggie Jackson rookie that is slabbed with a numerical grade for the autograph. However there is no grade for the card, and the card itself is not horrible. I'm thinking about working out a deal for it, but if I did get it from him, I have some questions.

If I were to resubmit the card for a technical grade of the card itself, since it already has a grade on the auto, is that a big ugly process to maintain what is already graded/certified, and then add the technical grade of the card as well? This is probably more of a customer support question, but figured since I was posting, I would bring it up. Has anybody attempted anything like that, and what was your experience like? I've only submitted basic things, never any dual service items, etc.

Is there any benefit to having that numerical grade for the card to go along with the grade of the auto that is already there? If the card gets a grade of say a 5 or 6 (trying to be accurate/conservative), is it even worth the effort?

Or am I adding too many moving parts to the equation? Would love to hear all feedback on this, it makes the card more appealing to me, but maybe its wasted effort to get that technical grade?


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    If the card is in the 5-6 range it's not going to help the value much, but if it makes you happy to have both, certainly do it.

    I have never sent in a card for grading that was already slabbed for the auto, but it shouldn't be a problem.

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