Crisp uncirculated $2 strap notes without star?

Hello. I know the BEP will replace damaged/destroyed currency using the serial number of those and adding a star at the end. I recently "bought" a strap of new $2 bills from my local bank hoping (as usual) to get a nice radar/ladder or related bill out of it knowing and expecting they're stacked sequentially.
This particular strap of uncirculated bills had either been put together after about 6 other various straps had been cherry picked, or as likely possible in my mind, assembled after printing of various destroyed notes from different runs, all missing the star.
For example (I only have 22 of 100 left) there is (all series 2009) A O5745097 A and consecutive A O5745098 A then I have
A O5746797 A and A O5746880 A....6990 A, etc. This strap had included D O6424757 A....4884 A, etc.
I can't recall if the bills I put into circulation were also A or D or even if they were series 2009 but I know they had been a wide range of serial numbers without a star.
Any comments or response even just an opinion, thanx.

Tried to include an image. Maybe you see something, I don't. Just two lines of charactbish.
Seeing Preview was the answer.


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    Star notes will not feature the same serial number as the note they are replacing. The print run is separate and the SN will be random. Notes get re-strapped at banks and that's why the pack is not completely consecutive even though the notes are uncirculated.

    Hope this helps, and happy hunting!! :smile:

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