What is this 1875 $1 worth?

Selling a collection on consignment. I'm generally not too familiar with paper money, but did my best to pull out what I thought was worth >$500 and send that to Heritage for auction, and then sell the <$500 through eBay.

I thought this note was worth a few hundred but it's generated a lot of interest on eBay already and someone just messaged me an offer for $1K. What are your thoughts on what it's worth?



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    Cool !!! :)

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    Here's a more useful comment.

    Your initial estimate of value is correct. However, Champlain is located in Clinton County and there is a strong buyer for that County out there at this point in time. Most likely, I would guess the $1K offer is from that buyer or his rep. My recommendation would be to take the money and run.

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    Full disclosure...I am a bidder on this note.T&P shows 7,with your note now 8,in the census for $1 1875 from this bank.All are low grade(VG10 or lower) and so your note is the nicest known(I believe yours is a F12)and highest graded counts for much these days.Also,it has been almost 5 years since one of these has sold publicly.Food for thought.As to accepting an offer....that one I must leave up to you.

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    Congratulations - looks like you've got a winner. Two strong bidders is all it takes to make a seller happy. If you have two, and the auction runs its course, one or both will become active bidders and great things can happen for both seller and buyer. If you decide to let it run its course then I would add a post to the ad description saying your choice and that if buyers want it then they must bid .... make your position clear

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    It may grade higher judging by the well worn notes I am seeing in VF holders, so grade is a magnet for interest.

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    Too bad you didn't take the money and run. I put in a couple bids, I guess there wasn't enough interest to push it over the $1 grand.

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