Super Bowl MVP set updates

I know PSA is backed up and it takes a while to get sets updated. Several months ago I requested the 2012 Topps Chrome Nck Foles Rc to be added. Still waiting. I also requested that the 2014 Topps Malcolm Smith card be added. It is from the first year he had cards. No Chrome was produced and his only other card is a Prestige from that year that is not a parallel or some other goofy set. It was denied. I was told it was not an official rookie card. I asked what the official rookie card was. I was told there was not one, and that Beckett had not specified one. I have spent a lot of time working on this set, and even though I have not completed it, I find it frustrating that we are not able to add a RC of a Super Bowl MVP to the set. They can designate "Rookie" cards of Tex Schramm and Bill Walsh for other sets but not an actual player? If the Prestige is decided upon I would have no problem adding it. Are there any suggestions as to what can be done?

Looking for FB HOF Rookies


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