Never know what you'll find in a book!

Was flipping through an upcoming auction and came across that. I think that's a pretty cool story about how the family found the note flipping through the pages of a book


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    Amazing note!

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    Holy crap!

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    Wow, great story, "amazing" !!! :)

  • DoctorPaperDoctorPaper Posts: 582 ✭✭✭

    Beautiful note and a great story.
    About 20 years ago when I used to spend more time scouring eBay and there was better treasure to be found, I netted this note off a rare book seller's site. He had found it in the pages of a book he had purchased and inappropriately labelled it when he listed it for sale. I was the only bidder who noticed it.

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    Cool story indeed!

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    neat story and note, thanks for sharing :)

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