IPMS Kansas City

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The IPMS starts today. Is anyone going? I went to all 40 of the shows in Memphis. I did not go to KC last year and am not going this year. It is just too far for me to go. We would like a show report if anyone is there.


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    Don't know about the other folks but I'm having an absolute ball. Have already added six cool NY Nationals to the collection and still have the Nationals Session this evening. The number of dealers and attendees is down a little bit from last year but everybody who is here seems to be having a good time. I have heard several reports that the world dealers are doing quite a lot of business. The general rule seems to be - if you've got the right stuff at a fair price, there are ready buyers. However, if you're stuff is tired and/or overpriced, it's not going anywhere.

  • I attended for fourth time in five years and had a blast. Found some good notes on the floor. Won a key note I needed in the auction. Had some great BBQ food too.

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