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What is considered a "gradable" item in PSA?

MCMLVToppsMCMLVTopps Posts: 4,499 ✭✭✭✭✭
I have tried to research PSA to get a clear understanding of exactly what is a gradable item. Cardboard is obviously the majority of items graded, these are the products used for cards and tickets...then we have pins and stamps, which cover most of the rest.

My question is this...would an item which is in the makeup and consistency of a coupon you might cut out of the paper (they are in fact paper) and the intention was to be pasted into an album, worthy of being a "gradable item"??

Furthermore, would an item with the attributes stated above, which requires 4 pieces to form a puzzle piece pictorial of the player be allowed? To be more specific, with the exception of the facial piece, the other 3 pieces have absolutely no baseball revelance that can be seen visually in the piece? If you didn't know these 3 pieces were parts of a 4 panel pictorial of a player, you would barely have a clue as to what they were.

Tks for comments.


  • csakerscsakers Posts: 239
    From my experience, PSA does not truly appear to have any standards as to what they will and will not grade.

    One example: A friend of mine just contacted them to see if they would grade the various Investor's Focus/Journal/Spotlight Don Mattingly cards. PSA responded that they have graded the Nolan Ryan cards from these magazines in the past, but they would have to see scans of the fronts and backs of the Mattingly cards to determine if they could be graded. Well, if you have graded these cards for one player why would changing the player make a difference?

    Another example: PSA recently added the Ballstreet cards to the Mattingly registry. Yesterday or today, they have now marked them as optional.

    The other issue I have experienced with PSA's decisions as to what they will and will not grade appears to be determined based upon who is asking. Those that send in more items (therefore, allowing for greater profits on the part of PSA) appear to have greater decision making abilities with respect to what is graded and included in the registry collections.

    Again, with the Mattingly registry I know of some cards I have asked to have graded and included, but PSA declined. However, when they have been requested by a specific member, they have miraculously been graded and included in the registry. I have witnessed the flip side, when a certain member has been unable to obtain one of the more rare items for the registry, he has requested having it removed. Suddenly, it becomes marked as optional for the registry.

    I fully agree there should be a clear standard set for all to know what will and will not be graded. Then, collectors will know what to send in for grading and what to simply hold onto in their collections. Additionally, once things have been graded and added to the registry collections, they should not suddenly be changed to optional at a later date. PSA does not refund grading fees on these items, but they are virtually useless to most collectors once they make the change.
    I only need 18 cards to complete the Don Mattingly Master collection. Help would be great!
  • JasonM32JasonM32 Posts: 170 ✭✭
    The whole"optional" thing mystifies me.

    Bernie Kosar collector

  • csakerscsakers Posts: 239
    Another aspect I can agree upon. Items should not be marked as optional within the registry collections. Either include the item in the set or do not include the item. Unless the item was made in someone's basement, then it pretty much should be included within the registry collections. Any items from a major brand is obvious. However, the highly recognized minor brands should be included, as well. (I am thinking of the Broder cards and various magazine cards.)
    I only need 18 cards to complete the Don Mattingly Master collection. Help would be great!
  • skrezyna23skrezyna23 Posts: 907 ✭✭✭
    They should slab cards I want slabbed, whether or not they are authentic or in the registry. Take my money, let me label as I want (including "not authentic") and make me happy.
  • SullyknowsSullyknows Posts: 104 ✭✭
    They will slab anything you want them to. It might be with a green flip, but it will be slabbed image
  • skrezyna23skrezyna23 Posts: 907 ✭✭✭

    << <i>They will slab anything you want them to. It might be with a green flip, but it will be slabbed image >>

    I do know they won't slab cards they won't grade as authentic so that might not allow for ANY oddballs. I dont care of it has a cert or not, I just want it in a slab and could care less about the color flip but would want it specified as to what card it is.
  • MCMLVToppsMCMLVTopps Posts: 4,499 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Situation resolved !!

    So, I wrote a letter to Joe Orlando...yes, I knew it would end up with Cosetta...presented my case as clearly as I could and put it into snail mail. Well, barely a week later, I got a very nice email from Cosetta, who agreed with my position. Not only did she agree, but the composition of the set in question was changed as well. My experience over the years with PSA is that if you take the time to be logical and not rant and rave, edit a couple of drafts and then hit the send button, you usually get a favorable response.

    Basically, I won my case. image
  • csakerscsakers Posts: 239
    Congratulations! I do agree they tend to be reasonable ONCE you are able to get through to one of the main players. Otherwise, you tend to get a lot of run around.

    I am happy for your outcome.
    I only need 18 cards to complete the Don Mattingly Master collection. Help would be great!
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