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If "STAT Authentic" COA'd a DiMaggio/Mantle/Williams item, should I worry?

Other than slabbed PSA/DNA material (Perez Steele, auto cards, etc.), I do not have the experience one needs to evaluate "high dollar" sigs, like Mickey Mantle, Ted Williams and Joe DiMaggio. Any help from the "guys in the know" would be appreciated! image

There's an interesting item available to me, but I'm wondering about a few things:

1. Just who's STAT Authentic? Are they legit? Or is STAT Authentic the "GEM/PRO" of signature authentication?
2. Check-out the sigs on the scan below. Do all three sigs just look "too perfect, or what"?
3. Why would an item like this not be already authenticated by PSA/DNA?
4. Notice STAT's hologram # does not match STAT's certificate's # ??? image (...maybe that is just a "stock pic" of the cert?)
5. What do you think? Opinions anyone?




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