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PSE & US Possessions

I'm totally lost on this; Does PSE grade US Possessions i.e. "Philippines" overprints? Don't see anything on newest submission forms I have.


  • So anyone?
  • lol, I can't help ya, I can't even email PSE.
  • Why not? Trouble with email or???
  • I wouldn't be suprised if they don't do US Possessions anymore. I know earlier this year or so I sent in a Confederate States stamp, and they sent it back to me, as they don't do those anymore either. Had to send it to the PF. Give them a call (1-877-782-6788) and they could tell you.

  • Can't add to a set or create a set with a PF cert though. I respect and trust PSE more anyway, guess I can holsdon to the stamp for a while it's easily a 95J MNH if not higher.
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