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Giveaway - 2 "Melted Coins" - Ends today Friday the 13th! Is it your lucky day? JrGM

I wanted to do a giveaway and thought I would give away 2 of my "Melted Coins". No, they're not melted coins like these. image

They're these kind of "Melted Coins".

These are two of my favorite Hardy Boys books. They have the same title but they are different stories. The first one is the original story. It's my favorite. The second one is newer but it's good too.

You don't have to be a YN to enter , (My Mom and Dad both liked the stories too image ), so you can enter for yourself or for a kid or anybody who likes coins and good mysteries.

I will end the giveaway on next Friday, October 13th, and draw a name then. I hope a lot of people enter. They're great stories.image


edit to add:

I'll draw a name after school today. image


Congratulations to JrGMan2004!
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