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Handle a large number of legal forever stamps

Hey guys. I bought a lot of forever stamps before the virus outbreak, unfortunately the virus affects my business, I want to sell the forever stamps in my hand, nice price

The list of stamps is as follows:
Garden Beauty 2021
Holiday Wreaths 2019
Contemporary Boutonniere
Patriotic Spiral Stars 2016
Star Ribbon 2019
Made of Hearts 2020
Love Wedding 2021
Hearts Blossom Love 2019
US 2022 Love Postage Stamps
Global Poinsettia 2018
Global Chrysanthemum 2020

U.S 2017 Flag Roll
U.S 2018 Flag Roll
U.S 2019 Flag Roll
U.S Flag 2019 Booklet
Love Flourishes 2018
Garden Corsage 2020
Mystery Message 2021
Happy Birthday 2021
Bonsai 2012
The Frozen Treats 2018
Geometric Snowflakes
Holiday Windows
Christmas Florentine Madonna And Child
Cactus Flowers
Espresso Drinks
Christmas Carols
Sparking Holidays

If you are interested in getting a good price please contact me, thank you
E-amil: [email protected]



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