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FSH 50 Different Replica Coins US and World with Descriptions 81.85 Shipped

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Here's a neat lot. There are 50 replica coins here, each is bagged with a write-up description.
They were produced before the hobby protection act, so they aren't stamped 'copy'. In many cases, this would be the only way to own an example of many of these. I figure they have to be worth 1.63 a pop.
There's an awful lot of fun here. Thank you for looking !

The coins are:
Massachusetts Cent ***** Bar Cent ***** Pine Tree Shilling ***** Colorado Gold Ingot
Knife Coin***** Syracuse Decadrachm ***** Pants Coin***** Shekel of Tyre
Caligula Denarius Tiberius ***** North East Shilling***** New Hampshire Halfpenny
Denarius of Augustus***** Widows Mite***** Sommer Island Shilling
Nero Tetradrachm ***** Massachusetts Pine Tree Cent *****Croesus Half Stater
Nova Constellatio ***** Brasher Doubloon ***** Julius Caesar Denarius
Alexander the Great Drachm ***** Spade Coin (the top of this one is broken off)
Shirt Coin ***** Cash Coin *****Marc Antony Denarius *****Claudius Denarius
Ichi Bu Gin *****Oak Tree Shilling *****Juno Denarius ***** Titus Denarius
Silver Dirhem of Baghdad Domitian Denarius Silver Besant of Boehmund VII
Netherlands Spanish Siege Coin ***** Corinth Stater ***** Coin of Athena
Tiberius Denarius ***** Willow Tree Shilling ***** Paxs Penny ***** Nero Denarius
Continental Dollar (hey, you can post a photo on site and ask if it's real !) ***** Two Real of Castile
Coin of Cleopatra *****Ring Money ***** British Stater *****Vespasian Denarius
Galba Denarius ***** Denarius ***** and a Vitellius Denarius

I can sell this group for 125.00 shipped.....


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