Raw 1923 SLQ-sold

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    PM inbound............

    Successful BST transactions with: jp84, WaterSport, Stupid, tychojoe, Swampboy, dragon, Jkramer, savoyspecial, ajaan, tyedye, ProofCollection, Broadstruck x2, TwinTurbo, lordmarcovan, devious, bumanchu, AUandAG, Collectorcoins (2x), staircoins, messydesk, illini420, nolawyer (10x & counting), peaceman, bruggs, agentjim007, ElmerFusterpuck, WinLoseWin, RR, WaterSports, KeyLargRareCoins, LindeDad, Flatwoods, cucamongacoin, grote15, UtahCoin, NewParadigm, smokincoin, sawyerjosh x3
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    Very nice !!! :)

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