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Topic Title: World Coin Libraries
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Created On: 1/11/2009 7:44 AM
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 1/11/2009 7:44 AM
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Joined: 4/20/2005

We all at times are looking for a reference, additonal information, etc. on the many coins we own or are comtemplating owning. I think it would be great to see the libraries of our members and what books they have. Maybe we have one that someone could use some information from.

Here is a list of my current "world" library .... anyone wish to share theirs.

World General Reference:
Standard Catalog of World Coins (18th Century 1701-1800) – 3rd Edition,Krause and Mishler 2002
Standard Catalog of World Coins (19th Century 1801-1900) – 4th Edition,Krause and Mishler 2004

Low Countries (Belguim/Netherlands):
Le Benelux D’Or (Gold), A. Delmonte 1964
Le Benelux D’Argent (Silver), A.Delmonte 1967
The Dutch Gold Ducat (1586-1986), Albert A.J. Scheffers 1986

The Anglo-Gallic Coins (Les: Monnaies Anglo-Francaises) - E.R. Duncan Elias 1984
A Manual of Anglo-Gallic Gold Coins - R.D.Beresford-Jones 1964

Coins Of England and The United Kingdom – Volume I -16th Edition, Peter Seaby 1978

Gold (General):
Gold Coins of the World (Ancient Times – 2002) – 7th Edition, Arthur and Ira Friedberg
Standard Catalog of World Gold Coins (1500s - 2004) – 5th Edition, Krause and Mishler
Ancient Gold Coins - Deutsche Bundesbank Collection, Maria R.-Alfoldi 1983
Gold Coins Of The Middle Ages - Deutsche Bundesbank Collection, Joachim Weschke and Ursula Hagen-Jahnke 1983
Early Modern Gold Coins - Deutsche Bundesbank Collection, Ursula Hagen-Jahnke and Reinhold Walburg 1985
Gold Coins of The Americas, Robert P. Harris 1971
Historic Gold Coins of The World, Burton Hobson 1971
Contemporary World Gold Coins (1934-1974), Sanford J. Durst 1975

Maria Theresa:
Corpus Nummorum Regni Mariae Theresiae, Tassilo Eypeltauer 1973
A Silver Legend, The Story of the Maria Theresa Thaler, Clara Semple 2005

European Crowns and Talers Since 1800, John S. Davenport 1964
European Crowns 1700-1800, John S. Davenport 1964

Confessions Of A Numismatic Fanatic: How To Get the Most Out Of Coin Collecting, Frank S. Robinson 1992
Money Of The World, Ira and Larry Goldberg 2007
Coins In History, John Porteous 1969
The Expert’s Guide To Collecting And Investing In Rare Coins, Q. David Bowers 2006

I also have over 150 auction catalogs for world coins from US and Europe dating back to 2005. (USA - Stack, ANR, Heritage, Ira & Larry Goldberg, CNG, The Numismatic Store and Europe - Kuenker, Jean Elsen, USB, Dix Noonan, Dr. Busso Peus Nache, Gorny & Mosch, Hess - Devo)

Feel free to PM me if you see any book that may contain some reference information your looking for !!!

The Crown Collection -World Gold (Last Update 6/7/2009)
 1/11/2009 9:41 AM
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Standard Catalog of Mexican Coins --- Krause
The Comprehensive Catalog & Encyclopedia of Modern Mex. Coins --- Hanks, William

Die Munzpragungen der deutschen Staaten vom Ausgang de alten Reiches … --- Jaeger, Kurt
Standard Catalog of German Coins --- Krause
Deutscher Munzkatalog 18. Jahrhundert --- Schon, Gerhard

Coins of the Indian Sultanates --- Gorn
GOLD FANAMS 1336-2000 --- Herrli
The Coinage of Northern India, The Early Rajaputa Dynasties from the 11th to 13th Centuries A.D. --- Roy, P.C.
The Coins of the Sikhs --- Herrli

Coincraft's Standard Catalogue English & UK Coins 1066 to Date
Coins of England & The United Kingdom ---- Spink
The Bronze Coinage of Great Britain ---Freeman

Arabic Coins and how to read them --- Plant, Richard
Catalog of Islamic Coins --- Broome
Islamic History Through Coins: An Analysis and Catalogue of Tenth-Century Ikhshidid Coinage --- Bacharach, Jere
Ottoman Empire Coins --- Madeni Paralar

Canadian Coins --- Charlton
Silver & Nickel Dollars of Canada 1911 to date --- Dushnick, Stephan

Cast Chinese Coinage --- Hartill, David
Cast Coinage of Korea --- Mandel,Edgar
Die Münzen der Schweiz im 18 Jahrhundert --- Divo & Tobler
Historia de la Moneda Espanola --- Farres
Russian Coins, 1700-1917 --- Uzdenikov, V.V.
The Catalog of Japanese Coins and Bank Notes
The Handbook of Roman Imperial Coins --- Van Meter, David
The Historical Cash Coins of Vietnam --- Barker,Allan


Coins of the World --- Craig, W.D.
A Dictionary of Numismatic Names --- Frey
Official Price Guide to Mint Errors --- Herbert, Alan
Standard Catalog of World Coins 1601-1700 --- Krause
Standard Catalog of World Coins 1701-1800 --- Krause
Standard Catalog of World Coins 1801-1900 --- Krause
Standard Catalog of World Coins 1901-Present --- Krause
Standard Catalog of World Coins 2001-Date --- Krause
Standard Price Guide to World Crowns and Talers 1484-1968 ---Krause
A Catalogue of the World's Most Popular Coins --- Reinfeld, Fred
A Catalog of Modern World Coins--- Yeoman, R.S.


Canadian Colonial Tokens --- Cross, W.K.
Catalogue of German War Tokens --- Lamb, Robert
Catalogue of World Transportation Tokens and Passes --- Smith, Kenneth
German Tokens Part I --- Schimmel, Jerry
German Tokens Part II --- Schimmel, Jerry
Latin American Tokens --- Rulau, Russell
Litzmannstadt-A Chapter Of German Monetary History
Medallic Portraits of Washington --- Rulau, R; Fuld, G
Medals Of Mexico Vol. II 1821-1971 --- Grove, Frank
Numismatic Issues of the Franklin Mint, 1970
Numismatic Issues of the Franklin Mint, 1971
Standard Catalog of United States Tokens 1700-1900 --- Rulau, Russell
The Atwood - Coffee Catalogue of U.S. and Canadian Trans. Tokens --- Coffee, John; Ford, Harold
Unusual World Coins --- Krause


Coins in South-East Europe 820-1396 --- Metcalf, D.M.
Coins of Medieval Europe --- Grierson, Philip
Corpus Nummorum Hungariae --- Rethy
Deutsche Munz Und Geldgeschichte Von Dem Anfangen Bis Zum 15. Jahrhundert --- Suhle, Arthur
East Baltic Regional Coinage, 1250-1780 --- Davenport, J
Germanic Coinages --- Craig, W.D.
Medieval European Coinage, Vol 1 5th-10th Century --- Grierson, Philip
Numismatisches Legenden-Lexikon --- Rentzmann, W
Numismatisches Wappen-Lexicon --- Rentzmann, W
Survey of Medieval Iberian Coinages --- Lhotka
The Coinage of Medeival Austria, 1156-1521 --- Szego, A
The Early Dated Coins of Europe --- Levinson
The Silver Coins of Medieval France, 476-1610 AD --- Roberts, James
Reading Medieval European Coins--- Walker


Standard Catalog of World Paper Money General Issues vol 2 --- Krause
Standard Catalog of World Paper Money Modern Issues1961-2001 vol 3 --- Krause
 1/11/2009 11:56 AM
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Expert Collector

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Joined: 5/7/2003

Don't forget that there are a ton of references online. Not just websites but digitized books legally available. Here's a thread with some of them listed from way back.
 1/12/2009 4:25 AM
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Posts: 1051
Joined: 12/30/2005

My numismatic library:

Modern coins
- The Krause catalogues (all four - my 20th century book includes the 21st)
- Krause's "Unusual World Coins"
- two Charletons for Canadians (including an old 1977 edition that lists the tokens)
- Renniks Guide for Australian
- Maccas Pocketbook, also for Australian
- Spink for British
- Coin Yearbook 1982, for British
- Redbook for US coins
- Coins of the Swedish Possessions by Ahlstrom
- From Cowrie to Kina, by Mira (for Papua New Guinea items)
- World Crowns and Talers from 1484 by Davenport
- a very old and battered Yeoman's Modern World Coins - my childhood guide to the darkside

Mediaeval coins
- Coinage of Mediaeval Europe by Grierson
- Coins of the British World by Friedberg (it has moderns too, but I keep it for the references to Scottish, Irish and Anglo-Gallic)
- Gold Coins of the World by Friedburg (4th ed. - kept mainly for references to mediaeval and early modern gold)

Ancient Coins
- Sear catalogues of Greek (2), Roman (4), Greek Imperial (1) and Byzantine (1)
- Ancient Coin Collecting by Wayne G. Sayles, vols IV (Roman Provincial) and VI (Non-Classical Cultures)
- The Coinage of Caesarea in Cappadocia by Sydenham - my only "proper" primary reference work
- Classical Deception, also by Sayles - for the fakes
- Coinage in the Roman World by Burnett - excellent background economic info
- Metallurgy in Numismatics, Vol.I
- Monumental Coins by Tameanko

Chinese and other "Cash" Coins
- Chinese Cash by Jen

Islamic Coins
- Arabic Coins and How to Read Them, by Plant
- Marsden's Numismata Orientalia Illustrata, reprinted by Plant
- A Checklist of Islamic Coins, by Album

Paper Money
- The Pick banknote catalogues (all three, though from wildly different editions)
- Coffing's Checklist of World Notgeld

Tokens and Medals
- British Tokens by Seaby
- Australian Historical Medals by Carlisle
- several books, booklets and guides printed by local coin club members, covering misc. Australian items

General Numismatic References
- Encyclopedic Dictionary of Numismatics by Doty
- The Coin Atlas by Cribb and Carradice

There are several gaps in my bibliographic knowledge I'd still like to fill. Medieval Europe is only very broadly and generally covered in Grierson, and I have nothing except the Coin Atlas, Davenport's Thalers book and Friedburg's gold book, to cover the period between the end of Grierson and the beginning of the Krauses. The "core" ancient and far eastern civilizations are well enough represented, but for the "fringe cultures" like the Sassanian Empire, ancient India, and the non-Chinese cash coins (Japan, Korea and Annam) I have to resort to websites.

Waste no more time arguing what a good man should be. Be one.
Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius, "Meditations"
 1/12/2009 4:55 PM
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Here is my list of world coin references; As many of you already know, my darkside collecting interest is pretty-much limited to Germany, specifically the coins & medals of Brandenburg-Prussia. I also like Napoleonic medals (and other medals). The Baltic & Polish volumes help me with early Ducal and Royal Prussia. -Preussen

Germany (General)
German Talers 1500-1600 – John S. Davemport
German Church & City Talers 1600-1700 – John S. Davenport
German Secular Talers 1600-1700 – John S. Davenport
German Talers 1700-1800 – John S. Davenport
German Talers Since 1800 – John S. Davenport
Silver Gulden 1559-1763 – John S. Davenport
Standard…World Crowns & Talers (per Davenport) – Draskovic/Rubenfeld (KM)
Deutsche Taler, Doppelgulden, Doppeltaler von 1800 bis 1871 – Norbert Thun
Germanic Coinages – William D. Craig
Standard Catalog of German Coins – KM
Kleiner Deutscher Münzkatalog - Schön
Die Deutschen Münzen seit 1871 – Kurt Jaeger
Grosser Münzkatalog – AKS
Sächsische Geldgeschichte 1763 bis 1857 – Herbert Rittmann
Königreich Sachsen 1806-1872 / Herzogtum Warschau 1810-1815 – Kurt Jaeger
Die Proben der Deutschen Münzen seit 1871 – Rudolf Schaaf
Deutsche Silber Medaillen des I. Weltkriegs – George Zetzmann
Numismatic Dictionary (German-English – English-German) – Hermann Krause
Saurmasche Münzsammlung, Deutscher, Schweizerischer, und Polnischer Gepräge

Die Münzen des Königreichs Preussen ab 1701 – Heinz Dietzel
Die Münzen Friedrichs des Grossen – Manfred Olding
Die Medaillen auf Friedrich den Grossen von Preussen 1712-1786 – Manfred Olding
Brandenburg-Preussische Münzprägungen 1415-1918 (2 vol.) – Erich Neumann
Die Preussischen Münzprägungen von 1701-1786 – Klaus Martin
Die Münzen Friedrich Wilhelm des Grossen Kurfürsten und Friedrich III.... – v. Schrötter
Die Münzen auf der Zeit der Könige Friedrich I und Friedrich Wilhelm I – v. Schrötter
Das Preussische Münzwesen im 18 Jahrhundert – Friedrich v. Schrötter
Königreich Preussen 1786-1873 – Kurt Jaeger

Polish & Baltic Regions
Ilustrowany Skorowidz Pieniedzy Polskich I Z Polska Zwiazanych (4 vol.) – Kopicki
Katalog Monet Polskich 1576-1586 (Stefan Batory) - Kurpiewski
East Baltic Regional Coinage 1250-1780 – John S. Davenport
Die Münzen der Westpreussischen und Baltischen Städte… - Erich Neumann
Die Münzen des Deutschen Ordens… - Erich Neumann

Napoleonic Medals
Description of the Series of Medals Struck…by Order of Napoleon… – Cpt Laskey
Monnaies et Medailles…Napoleon…. (catalog of the Collection of Prince D’Essling)
Napoleons Medaillen - Zeitz

Miscellaneous World
European Crowns 1700-1800 – John S. Davenport
Reading Medieval European Coins – Ralph S. Walker
Standard Catalog of World Coins 1601-1700 – KM
Standard Catalog of World Coins 1701-1800 – KM
Standard Catalog of World Coins 1801-1900 – KM
Standard Catalog of World Coins 1901-2000 – KM
Unusual World Coins – KM
Gold Coins of the World – Friedberg
Coins of England & The United Kingdom - Spink

"Illegitimis non carborundum" -General Joseph Stilwell. See my auctions
 1/12/2009 5:09 PM
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The Holey of Holeys

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Neat idea.

Unfortunately, I am too lazy at the moment to respond, and my shelves and library (such as it is) are in cluttered disarray (as usual).

~ Eclectic Box of 20 ~ Oddball Set ~ eBay ~

 1/12/2009 5:47 PM
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Not many unfortunately;

Pecks English, Copper and Tin Coins in the British Museum
2000 Years if British Coins and Medals by the British Museum
Modern World Coins 1850-1964 by Yeoman et al
English Coinage by Sutherland
English Silver Coinage from 1649 by Seaby.
A couple of old Seaby Coins of England form the 80's, and some catalogs of sales.

And almost forgot the Standard Catalog of World Coins 1801-1900 and 1901-2000.

World Collection
British Collection
German States Collection
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