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19Lyds 61  CA Eisenhower Dollars and mostly Moderns!
AAcoinco   PA I am a full time dealer of US Coins. Visit us online at WWW.AACoinCO.Com or email me at Bob@AACoinCo.Com. I got into this business after a dealer tried to take my mother across for my grandfathers coins after his death. I did not even know that he collected so this hobby came to me late in life. I wish that I had the chance to collect with him. I am a District Delegate for the ANA and spend 40 weeks a year on the road attending coin shows. Look me up at the coin shows in your area and say hello. Bob @ All American Coin Company, Inc.
abmluce 43  MA Mostly type coins, have almost a full circulated set. I Love bust halves, wish i could have more, along with proof coins from the 1800's. Also somewhat collect morgans (120 or so), and I am starting to collect modern cameo proofs. Do some metal detecting, but having 4 kids puts a strain on my budget and time !
aem4162 42  OH i have some morgans, mint/proof sets, a REALLY pretty gobrecht/rittenhouse commem medal made by the hanover (pa) numismatic society, some international coins, and a lot of junk. my collection is ugly but it has personality (thank you stujoe).
aircava17 59  FL I collect Kennedy's, Commemratives, State Quaters in PCGS. And most other in Raw to put in Danscos.
airplanenut 15  NJ US Type Coins- anything with real history to it... Darkside, especially modern proofs from the Caribbean, British/Australian, and really old stuff with history (much cheaper than American equivalents) Silver Roos. Franklin Halfs Anything that I deem looks nice :)
amiller 29  IN MS Peace, IKE, and SBA Dollars, MS Shield and Liberty nickels, circulated Lincoln cents, circulated Canadian small cents
anaconda2 13  TX I collect lots and lots of toned coins, all small cents, buffs, and jeffersons. PM me with cool pics of toned coins. I'd apreacite it
ARCO 35  UT I Collect Midgrade Barber Halves. I enjoy this hobby and am powerless to stop buying these beautiful coins. Sure I have tried, but cannot refrain, so I must keep on collecting.
arlea1957 47  PA New collector interested in most coins. trying to focus on Morgans for now but find the bust coinage pretty interesting, will probably venture into that area next.
ArtR 66  TN I collect any US coin with nice or Monster Tone, primarily Morgan Dollars.
Askari 45  TX German Imperial era coins and banknotes, especially colonial issues. A related but secondary field is WWI Notgeld. I also collect 20th century military occupation coins, notes and guerrilla notes. A further collecting area is coinage of the ancient Celtic civilization.
auandag 63  NV My emphasis is on Carson City dollars but Morgans of any mint mark are just fine with me. I've completed sets of Walkers and Barber halfs and sold them. I've completed several Washingtons and sold them too. No interest in anything smaller than dollars now. Have yet to buy a coin from a B & M. I buy collections and sell off what I don't want to fund more purchases. Been collecting since the 50's. Grew up in Carson City but live in Vegas now.
AuldFartte 55  NM Major U.S. Type Set, British Conder Tokens, U.S. Half Cents, and U.S. Large Cents are my current active collections, along with some "odd" items that attract my attention including some counterstamped U.S. coins, 18th century Calendar Medals, and a few "darkside" coins.
BAJJERFAN 56  IA I am a collector mostly of Morgan silver dollars. I have at the present a completed set number 18 current finest in the PCGS registry. I dabble too in Silver Eagles and SQ proof sets and such like stuff from the Mint. How I got my handle!! Easy. I was lookin for a catchy AOL screen name and happen to be a fan of Wisconsin Badger football.
Barberian 51  FL Mainly half dollars: capped bust, seated liberty, Barbers, Walkers, and classic commemoratives
BarCoder DE Morgans, Peace Dollars Walking Liberty, Franklin MS64FBL Some gold type but not much
barnical 52  TX I am a novice silver collector. I started on a whim then got bit really bad. My collection is growing slowly. I joined PCGS a month ago and the info I have aquired is fantastic. I am looking at all the advice I can get. I have made a few mistakes but have truly learned from them. I am sure there are more to come. I know that in coin collecting you gotta be able to trust someone.I have heard of some of the scams. I am sure I have bought some also. It is nice to be on board.
beartracks42 63  OH I collect most US coinage.
My main collecting effort is High grade Silver Washington Quarters.
I also collect proof sets and mint sets.
I have a complete set of the Lincolns, with the 1909svdb being the only slabbed coin in the set.
I also like the modern coins. I collect Commemoratives and have complete sets of the Unc and Proof ASE's.
I am beginning to get really fixated with the seated series of coins, especially in the years of 1842(100 years older than I am) and 1878. I find this to be a slow moving venture as the coins are somewhat expensive and hard to find uncleaned.
Well, that is me, for now. Gary
betta285 15  NJ I collect Morgans specifically, but if it's nice and within my budget, i'll buy it. I am currently working on U.S. Type Set but always on the look out for quality and original pieces.
bigbadchad777 29  KY Early & Modern Commemoratives in both gold & silver.
billboat   TX Draped and Capped Bust Halves (year set), Morgans (have a complete year set, but I try to upgrade to include as many keys as posssible), Peace dollars (year, MM) and am working on a type set (1800 to present). I'm also partial to all 1841 and 1941 coinage. On the darkside, I collect ancient Greek, Roman Republic and Mexican 8 Reales and pre-1921 Pesos.
Boom   Main areas of interest are Silver Washington Quarters (Pre-1965). I also enjoy Morgan Silver Dollars, 19th Century & early 20th Century US coins that exude Character!
boston 50  NY Collect Jefferson full steps. Boston Bob's Jefferson Full Steps basic set 38-64. Also collect Morgans. Look for interesting vams. They usually aren't on the top 100 list. I like doubling and heavy die cracks/breaks.
braddick 49  CA Buying and selling colorfully toned classic and contemporary coins on eBay under peacockcoins.
BRdude 45  OK Dollars, all types of them. Preferably in excellent condition....or better:) My favorites are Morgans, Peace, Susie's, Ike's, and all the rest. I also actively pursue Military Payment Certificates, and am a student of all US currency, Fractional currency, Confederate currency, Colonial currency, and Continental currency. I am a maintenance Tech at a manufacturing plant, and am married with 5 children and 3 grandchildren:)
Bruce 43  ON Coins. Started with U.S. coins then when I moved to Canada I branched out into world coins and Canadian coins.
bstat1020 IL I live in Freeport IL and I am working on a PCGS Registry set in mint state Lincoln Wheat backs. I also collect pretty much everything in a Whitman folder. I am currently working on Peace dollar I need the 1928, Indian Penny need 1870,1872 and key dates, Liberty Head Nickels need 1885,1886 and WL Halves. Also Mint and Proof Sets. 08-28-01 Thanks in advance Brian
bubblehead 62  CA I'm retired US Navy (Subs). I now have the time to put some sets together for the 3 grandsons. I'm not focused on any particular coin, or series of coins. I have some of everything. It's lots of fun, and perhaps the boys will someday benefit from my efforts.
buc 42  AL I am concentrating toward 1932-1964 Washington quarters MS64 or better. I also collect FB Merc's 1934-1945.
burdi1 55  MO Sets: US Mint,Proof, Silver and Prestige SAE: BU and Proof AGE: BU (maybe Proof later) Modern Commemmoratives: BU and Proof (no sets at this time) I also have other various raw coins that I have found over the years. I am building a base in most of these areas and will improve the quality of each as time and moneies permit.
busterwilson 46  CA I seem to have collected everything and anything I could get my little hands on. It all interests me, but my main passions are in the Old U.S. Commemorative Halves and American GOLD. I also collect things I dig up with a metal detector that I hope would be the big treasure haul, but never is... Soon...
cacheman   OR I saw the Light, and it was Dark! Sold all of my mundane U.S. coinage and now collect World coins and medals exclusively. Hasta!
calgolddiver 45  SC California Small Denomination Gold - period 1 and 2. These are very rare pieces. The thrill is in the hunt and the bidding.
calvet 39  CT Just started to get serious about collecting. I have been collecting all silver U.S. coins minted prior to 1964, although some of the modern silver proofs are eye catching. Also pre 1933 gold U.S. coins raw, but I just started getting some of them slabbed when I can afford it.
Cam40 42  TX Interests are Proof sets mainly.I collect any coin or exonomia if its interesting.I enjoy collecting early US coinage,to modern mint-state coins and all the great stuff in between.
carolj   CA
ccex 45  IL I spend most of my coin budget pursuing VF-AU Barber Dimes, F-XF Barber halves, F-AU Barber Quarters by date. I'm always interested in upgrading my Dansco U.S. Type album, which is complete except for a few remaining holes on the gold page. Finally, I love no-problem U.S. coins in Poor-1 and U.S. Commemoratives which were issued with the flimsiest of excuses.
ccex 45  IL I spend most of my coin budget pursuing VF-AU Barber Dimes, F-XF Barber halves, F-AU Barber Quarters by date. I'm always interested in upgrading my Dansco U.S. Type album, which is complete except for a few remaining holes on the gold page. Finally, I love no-problem U.S. coins in Poor-1 and U.S. Commemoratives which were issued with the flimsiest of excuses.
ccrdragon 42  TX Liteside: Indian Head Cents, Buffalo Nickels, ASE, State Quarters, Roosies

Darkside: Channel Island Coppers, British Coppers, South Africa Coppers, Tigers, Dragons, Pandas
CharlieB 59  MD I have collected primarily mint state Washington's, SLQ's, especially 1916's, Mercs, Barber quarters, especially 1913-s, Walkers and Isabellas. The SLQ is my favorite coin, obviously the Type I design is hard to beat. My current interest at this time is no specific series, just a beautiful coin that catches my eye. I like the history and beauty of all coins, pure and simple. Click on some of the topics I discuss in my website on Coin Collecting
cheeks 65  CA Morgan Dollar rolls, Peace Dollars one complete BU set. One complete US type set incl. gold, complete graded 65-66 Franklin set, Graded Walking Liberty set 1934-1947, all 65 and 66. 3raw BU Franklin sets, Wash. Quarter set raw from 1932 to 1978 all BU completed in 1988, working on PCGS Wash quarter set all 65,66 and 67. Also have BU Franklin rolls from 1948 to 1963 purchased in 1960's. All Morgan Dollars and Peace Dollars purchased in 1966 from my mentor M.H. Bolender who introduced me to coin collecting. Also have complete Kennedy set & Jefferson Nickle set in BU.There are others but I can't remember. Have Basic Mickey Mantle set in PSA registry, #8. Also collect Colt firearms from 1848 to 1941. American stamps almost complete starting with Scott's #1 1847 thru 1990. I have several other collections including historical atlases, antique lighted pre WW II glass globes, German Soligen pocket knives and Leica cameras. There are others but it should be obvious I have an addictive compulsive disorder.
cherrypickincoin   CA I collect all U.S. coinage but particularly enjoy draped bust and capped bust coins of all denominations. I am also very much into overdates, doubled dies, etc.
ChocoboLee 24  CA I collect prestige sets, proof sets, mint sets, $20 gold coins, and modern commemoratives.
chrisfuccione MA u.s. coins
ChrisRx 23  CA MPL (Matte proof Lincolns,) proof Indian head cents, 1883 and 1873 Proof Cameos, higher-graded US type coins, mint state type gold
chuckylucky3 60  TN Although i am fairly new at serious collecting, i really enjoy the beauty of mint, and especially Proof coins. I usually like to buy complete sets, but i do collect circulated coins to complete various albums. Enjoy chatting about coins too!
cjmbuffalo 53  CO Been collecting for two years. Collecting all proof coins from 1950 to present. Proof SAE. Working on registery set of IKES both in proof and mint and varieties.
Cladiator 32  CA My main area of interest is in collecting and studying the Capped Bust Half Dime (1829-1837) by die marriage and die re-marriage. I'm striving to complete this collection, one day, with target condition range of AU. I'm currently a bit over 25% of the way there. I'd say about 90% of my numismatic time, funds and effort go into this collection. I also have a handfull of sideline collections that I work on from time to time; ~ Type 1 Gold Dollars in AU ~ Fractional currency by type beginning with the Continentals ~ Large size U.S. currency by type
cladking   IN All post 1964 US coins, tokens, and medals. Also collect World coins from after 1800 and world tokens and medals. Specialize in eagle reverse clad quarters, telephone tokens, transportation tokens, and late date base metal, high denomination world coins.
Clankeye 45  WA I collect classic commemoratives, certain coins of the 50's. I have a huge interest in Booker T Washingtons and Washington Carver Commems.
ClarkOfKent   OH In the early stages of a Kennedy Proof collection.
clausurch   NC Modern Commemoratives, Classic Commemoratives, Franklins, Kennedys, and German Darkside.
clevegreg 42  OH I collect a wide variety of US Coinage. I am currently assembling a high grade 1938-1964 Jefferson Nickel collection that is number 5 on the Registry list.
Cocoinut 52  CO I like to pick up a few nice MS 19th century type coins each year, but recently have been concentrating on a MS silver Washington set, and have begun working on a modern type set; both are in the PCGS Registry. I still need a many of the tougher dates in my SL quarter set (MS64+), and have a weakness for choice early Lincolns. I've been a collector since I was 6, so I've accumulated a lot of nice raw coins over the years, mainly U.S., but occasionally I'll pick up some nice foreign coins that I find attractive. Other likes: Walking Liberty halves, Mercury dimes, Morgan and Peace dollars, half cents by die variety, Buffalo nickels.
codamyer 47  SD Mostly 1943-D Steel cents. Got lucky back in 1975 to open a OBW roll of 1943-D cents that contained 20+ RPM#1 (The Big One) I joined the Airforce in 1984 and stopped collecting. I retired in 2005 and now have started to collect coins again.
coinblue1 58  MI Dealer
coincollecter15   ND I collect everythign with a focus on Mercury Dimes.
coindaughter   CA I'm not a collector...yet! My siblings and I inherited a LOT of coins from our father, Jack. I have undertaken the task of learning all I can about his coins. He has all kinds, old, new, silver, gold. Mostly US, but some foreign as well. It is a huge undertaking, but I am enjoying it and having fun.
coinfinder 15  WA I am a BIG fan of proof sets! I aslo like mint sets and SAE's. And I like almost anything minted in 1986 (birth year). I love coins!
coinguy1 48  CA
coinguyerick 39  OH I collect all U.S, coins. I have recently been more focused on CC dollars and bust halves.I do really enjoy the Franklins and have just a couple more to finish a FBL half set.
coinhead1 54  FL I collect U.S. coins both circulated and uncirculated. Main interest lie in buffalo nickles, Lincoln cents, Franklin halves. I have recently been interested in slabbed coins, mint and proof sets. I started collected in the 60s and gave it up while I raised a family. I gave away or sold most of what I called a collection during that period so most of what I have now has been gotten recently. I enjoy the coins as an art form and a history stimulus. The new state quarters are an interest to my grand-kids so I have started sets for them, and if the truth be known enjoy that part of it as well. I enjoy reading, writing and gardening and I guess that goes with my age. i joined the forum in July 2001 and have gained a lot from it.
CoinJP 17  NY My main interests are U.S. coins. I like to collect U.S. type coins,medals,tokens,etc. Right now, I seem to be chasing after early coins. I try to buy about two coins a month. I believe in buying quality coins. I love looking at other collectors coins and sharing images here on the forum of my own. Later guys!
coinlover 27  NY Circulated IH cents. Circulated mercury dimes. High grade type set. MS Morgan dollars. MS68 Silver American Eagles. Above all---Anything with eye appeal!!
Coinmonger 38  CA I collect US Coins Pre-1965. Here is a list of my favorite to collect: Walkers, Trade Dollars, Barber Series, Morgans, Seated Dollars/Halves, Bust halves, Franklins, Washington Quarters, SLQ, Mercs, buffalo nics, etc... I collect MS Coins with great eye appeal either attractivley toned or blazing white that are preferably in PCGS holders but I will accept NGC and ANACS. I am not a set collector nor do I chase super high grades in common dates. I prefer to chase Key or Semi-Key dates or coins/series that are generally rare in general.
Coinmonger 38  CA I collect US Coins Pre-1965. Here is a list of my favorite to collect: Walkers, Trade Dollars, Barber Series, Morgans, Seated Dollars/Halves, Bust halves, Franklins, Washington Quarters, SLQ, Mercs, buffalo nics, etc... I collect MS Coins with great eye appeal either attractivley toned or blazing white that are preferably in PCGS holders but I will accept NGC and ANACS. I am not a set collector nor do I chase super high grades in common dates. I prefer to chase Key or Semi-Key dates or coins/series that are generally rare in general.
Coinnut 58  ME I collect mainly early type and Large Cents. Nothing modern but I do keep my Lincoln Cents and Washington Quarters up to date. I have two Type Sets, the Dansco 7070 and a Library of Coins. Also Half Cents, Bust Halves, Morgan Dollars, Indian Head Cents, Walkers and some gold.
coins33 40  NY Just about anything but with emphisis on large cents and walking liberties.
ConstellatioCollector 44  CA I enjoy Colonials mainly, Nova Constellatios. I am very interested in collecting as many of this type and variaties!
Coppernicus 49  WI Wheaties!! MS64 or better, mostly PCGS.
cosmos66 48  NJ I collect Morgan dollars preferably in mint state. I do collect some paper currency too most often two dollar bills.
crito 35  TN Buying: Slabbed Peruvian Silver Soles. Selling: All my US coins. Likes: Spelunking (caving),Snow Skiing (National Ski Patroller for 4 years, until it got sued out of existance in 1985) and a Guitar player. Dislikes: Nuts with "friends" in their heads.
CTGREATONE 60  CA Washington Quarters and Large cents are my thing!
cvan68 51  AZ Began collecting in the mid to late 60's. Started out with Jefferson nickels because my brother collected cents my sister collected dimes and anything else was to expensive. Eventually I managed to branch out into just about everything, and my siblings pretty much stopped collecting. As with most people I had a lull in collecting form my late teens to mid 20's. My more favorite collection is my type set in the old Library of Coins books, which are still my personal favorite books. Recently completed a set of Walking Liberty Halves and Mercury Dimes. Complete sets of Jeffersons, Roosevelts, Washingtons, Franklins, Kennedys, Dollars 1971 on. Still working on Lincolns & Buffalos. Wish I had started on SLQ a long time ago. Have a fair number of modern commemorative, but am missing the more high dollar ones from the mid 90's when I was in my "protest of the deluge of coins from the mint stage" and was tired of paying issue prices only to see them drop on the after market, the number of coins for the Atlanta Olympics really set me off - figured to buy them for less on the after market...still don't have them. Have recently picked up a couple of Colonial coins, Massachussetts Cent and Virginia Halfpenny, and could see mysel going off in that direction quite easily.
Dabigkahuna 41  FL I have been busy lately with the modern American Eagle series. Gold and Silver in both mint state and proof. I am also working on a $20 Gold Liberty set with S mint marks. It is hard to pick a favorite since I like most coins and can't buy them all, yet!
dakra 32  NY Coins: I collect mostly modern coins which include: Uncirculated, Proof, and Silver Proof sets, Commemerative Coins, Gold American Eagles, Silver American Eagles. I do have an appreciation for old coins but my collection is limited. These include Wheat Pennies, Indian Head Pennies, Silver Coinage and Morgans. I go to the bank each week to pick up coin rolls in hopes to find something out of the ordinary.
dan1ecu 34  OK I collect coins that I think are rare and interesting: 19th century proofs, colonials, early U.S. coins, superb brilliant uncirculated moderns (1940's-1960's), and FBL Franklins.
danarchy I collect many a coin,yes. US likes are pretty much limited to silver coinage, with exception to Roosevelts and franklins(which I finished as fast as I could)Favorites are Mercs, Morgans, and WLH's. I will someday have a collection of MS SLQ's, but at this point they are cost prohibitive. I am currently Building 3 pcgs type sets. complete,upgrade, that's the goal. My first submission contained my first 2 gold coins...both came back pr69dcam. Not a bad start. I will be playing the grading game, hopefully with the big boys someday! World coinage, I collect Swedish(as I am a Swede) As a passing thought, a family member sailed on the Kalmar Nyckel to the now USA in 1638. The vessle is commemerated on both Swedish and US coinage!
Danegeld 44  SD 18th, 19th, 20th Century US Coinage/ 18th, 19th, 20th Century World Coinage/Roman & Greek Ancients/Sports Cards/Rocks/Books/Volksmarch Memorabilia/and whatever else catchs my eye ;)
danreller 44  SC I collect US Type Coins in the highest grade I can afford "at the time". I do upgrade as desirable coins become available. I've gotten to the point where almost all of the remaining coins needed are over $800 and I don't want to drop down in grade to get an example. I feel a "type coin" should have the detail to show what the coin looks like. I want to stay at least in the VF+ grades. Almost all of my coins thus far are XF+ and 97% are Certified MS coins. I also collect Japanese Type Coins. As with the US Type Coins I am to the point where the remaining coins are more than I'm willing to pay. Some Japanese Type Coins that are certified are extremely hard to find. I have collected coins "off and on" for around 36 years now. I am a dentist in the US Air Force and am stationed at Shaw AFB, South Carolina. I have lived in Japan for over 16 years and is the reason I collect Japanese Type Coins.
darktone 37  WI I collect mostly mint state coins from the early 1800's to the early 1900's. I don't collect modern coins at all except my 1972 double die. The only circulated coin I have is a 1942/1 mercury dime I really like the over date.I have collected since I was about six years old but only seriously collected for about twenty years. I do not collect state quarters and I avoid reading or listening to any talk about them as far as I am concerned they are only worth a quarter. Not trying to put anybody down they just bore me. I am a self employed auto mechanic so feel free to ask me any car questions . Mike
Dawg144   I'm assembling a set of PCGS certified Franklin halves, looking especially for high quality toned examples with FBLs. I'm also working on filling a 7070 with mid-grade cherrypicks, and I plan to accompany the album with a PCGS draped bust type set. I also have a liking for Australian material, and am beginning to extend that interest to other British imperial issues.
dbcoin   NJ $10 and $20 gold, Modern Gold and Silver, Bust Halves, Lincoln Cents
DblEagle   TX St. Gaudens double eagle $20 gold
DcamMike1 46  FL Everything in the Eagle family....currently tied for 1st in the PCGS Registry in the Proof SAE category. Also putting together ms/proof gold and platinum sets. Very slowly getting back to collecting Morgans/Peace dollars (that's what brought me in) and hopefully one day I'll have sets good enough to register. Along the way (if I can afford them) I pick up ms/pr70 coins for the heck of it.
dddangerousdan   NY Linclons, Jeffs, Franklins, and type 1793 to present.
DeepCoin 52  MD I collect PCGS Mercury dimes, Silver Proof Eagles and proof sets. I am also working my back on modern unc sets, but will be slowing down as the Mercury set is my focus right now.
derryb 53  FL Sell modern crap so I can buy early commemoratives.
dheath   NC Primarily Kennedys, Washingtons, $5 Indians, Peace, and type, but SMS coins are a favorite.
dimetime 41  M My interest are Peace dollars, all silver dimes(especially mercuries), all gold and silver proof eagles, most coins from 1900 to present. I like low mintage proofs.
dirtroadrider 44  AL Mostly Walking Liberty Halfs along with Kennedy Clad & Proofs, American Silver Eagles and American $5 Gold Eagles. I have a few Franklins, Standing Liberty Quarters, Peace Dollars, Mercury Dimes. I also collect U.S. Proofs sets silver and clad and any other coin or currency that I can afford. WAR DAMN EAGLE from the Heart of Dixie
djluster 30  ID I collect Mainly US coins. I am currently working on a 7070 type set. I also collect Foriegn Bullion silver dollars. I am also working on get all US proof sets from 1960-2006
djt 41  OH I'm working on a set of white, evenly matched with cartwheel luster Washington Quarters (32-64). Although I haven't created a registry set the stats are currently [65% complete, 65.19 average grade. I have been working on this set for a number of years and have managed to buy most of my coins raw ($3-$10) and submitted to PCGS with grades mostly at 65 & 66. Lately I've been buying from eBay, Heritage and Superior. I plan on finishing the set with an average grade of 65+ and then selling it to begin a type set of Bust coins in VG/F. I'm also putting together a type/variety set of Seated coins and a 20th Century type set of PCGS MS66 coins.
dldallen 43  AA Yes, the state is right - a US Military APO address here in Brazil. Collecting MS Lincolns 1909 to Present and a proof set of Memorials. Also collect the MS and PR state quarters. I have these all in different names of my wife, sons, daughter, and one grandson. As for me, I like to pick up anything that fancies my eye whether US or Darkside. I have a 200 plus piece set of Brazilian coins and working on a world collection. Also enjoy sharing and assisting other collectors with Brazilian pieces for their collections and have even helped collectors with currency issues from here.
Dog97 37  AL Every PCGS highest graded Mint State, Proof, Commem, and Bullion and raw or certified errors from 1997. That's a PCGS graded MS66 RED Deep Die Cap in the link to the left. Also examples from 1897, 1797, and 1697. I have been collecting Morgans for 30+ years. Also grading company Sample Slabs from any company, mint or year. Got a weird toned Morgan Registry Set @ NGC:
doh   IL Key dates, coins of 1822 and I just started a circulated CBH set that I'm working on VERY slowly...
dorancoins 34  IL I have collected coins and currency of the U.S. and World since 1986, and have been a dealer since 1994. Currently I am collecting Bimetallic coins, Polymer Currency, and Tyvek Currency for my personal collection. I am always looking to make additions to my collection, especially new issues. Please PM me if you have any to sell or trade.
doubleganger 57  NJ Morgan Silver Dollars and other coins.
dpoole 55  TX Three Cent Nickel proofs; Lincolns MS Red; Washington Silvers; Franklin FBLs; MS and PR Bullion Coins; Modern and some older Commemoratives. I also like mercs, Standing Liberty quarters, Walking Liberties, Seated Liberties, some old gold, and anything US that looks cool!
dram 41  TX Walkers,Sackeys,SAE PR69,SBA,and anythig else that I see.Silver coins are better than the stock market oh yea,I like 50 state quarters also.
dsessom 40  OK I began collecting again in 2008. I had collected coins when I was 12-15 years old and lost interest. I found some circulated early 20th century coins in an old box, which sparked my interest again a few years ago. I collect all US coins, but have a love for Barber coins, V Nickels, Morgan and Trade dollars, and early copper. I am most knowledgable in the V (Liberty) nickel series, and had a decent collection of MS examples until selling them in mid 2009. I do plan on building a new set one day, but I am currently working on a US Type set which is 85% complete as of Feb 2010.
dsessom 40  OK I began collecting again in 2008. I had collected coins when I was 12-15 years old and lost interest. I found some circulated early 20th century coins in an old box, which sparked my interest again a few years ago. I collect all US coins, but have a love for Barber coins, V Nickels, Morgan and Trade dollars, and early copper. I am most knowledgable in the V (Liberty) nickel series, and had a decent collection of MS examples until selling them in mid 2009. I do plan on building a new set one day, but I am currently working on a US Type set which is 85% complete as of Feb 2010.
ECHOES 44  IL I collect the Lincoln cent in all grades with XF-45 being a favorite(09-58), memorial issues in MS grades as well. I also collect by type, and modern U.S. Commemoratives, Uncirculated only. My handle is a track from the Pink Floyd album "MEDDLE"
edmerlr   CA I collect Lettered Edge Capped Bust half dollars by die marriage and by die state.
electriceye   CA Morgans, ASE's, halves, etc...
Elem21wed 33  MO Mostly Morgans, with a smattering of Flying eagle cents, commeratives, bust halves, and buffalo nickles.
ER 46  TX All U.S. silver dollars from 1794 to present. I have completed date sets of Peace, Morgan, and Trade dollars. My early dollar set needs the 1794 to complete. Mission accomplished May 2004.
EvilMCT 35  SC I collect most almost any US circulated. Trying to complete several sets. I am currently working on an XF set of Braided Hair Large cents and an XF set of Shield Nickels.
EvThCo NY US & Foreign Coins & Notes; US Stamps; Sports Cards & non-Sports Cards; Fountain Pens; ETC.
Fairlaneman 60  OR A collector with no focus. Buy to see and sell to buy more. Both USA and Darkside are appreciated. Cheers. Ken
FatMan   GA Dahlonega Gold & Commems
fc57coins 45  KY Franklins, Kennedys, Toned and DMPL Morgans
fc57coins 45  KY Franklins, Kennedys, Toned and DMPL Morgans
Fergie 47  IL Sets I would like to complete; Lincoln Cents 1909 - 1958 with varieties - AU to Mint State Lincoln Cents 1950 - 1958 - Proof Buffalo Nickels 1913 - 1938 - VF to MS Jefferson Nickels 1938 - 1964 with varieties - MS and PF Washington Quarters 1932 - 1964 with varieties - MS and PF Other coins I like to collect; Large Cents Indian Head Cents Barber Dimes Roosevelt dimes Standing Liberty Quarters Walking Liberty Half Dollars Peace Dollars Coins I wish others would share with me as I don't seem to find enough ; -USA Phillipines issues with superb eye appeal. -Old Foreign coins with exceptional eye appeal, with toning. -Medals with interesting historical design, ditto eye appeal. I am just not interested enough in above issues with anything less than great to suberb eye appeal.
filthybroke 39  NC Indian Cents, Gold type coins, and a bit of anything else that interests me. Perhaps ancients?
flaminio 43  CA My core collection is commemoratives, both modern and classic. I'm also working on a type set, and a few other eccentricities.
Flash 43  CA I am working on a U.S. Type Set with grades in the AU-MS range until I get into the early 19th and 18th century stuff. Then I'll have to give a little bit on the grades (ok.. alot!) depending on prices. I'm also working on a complete collection of U.S. Mint-issued Uncirculated and Proof Sets in addition to a complete Lincoln set.. mostly grades F-AU, but also MS grades for the more recent issues. To add a little spice to my life, I'm also working on a mint-state early commemorative type set. I live in Lakeside, CA (San Diego area) and work as a Business Manager for a used car dealership/credit union auto-buying service in La Mesa, CA. In addition to collecting coins I also collect pre-1972 Coca Cola memorabilia. I am divorced with a daughter who is 22 years old.
fletch2645 57  MO Mostly dollars--Morgans, Peace, Eisenhower, SBA's, SAC's, ASE's and all denominations PCGS MS Gold
FoundingFather 35  NY I collect colonial coins. They tell the story of America's pregnancy and birth. "Freedom Coins" baby! I am a pro-rights patriot and I really enjoy the history beyond the mere surface of each coin. These first true American coins are what I refer to as "Screw The King Money." The backup expression for my collection is "Tyranny PunkSlap Money." Heh.
Frankcoins 48  TX Pre-1950 US coins valued at $100 to $1000 that are genuinely scarce.
Frankcoins 48  TX Pre-1950 US coins valued at $100 to $1000 that are genuinely scarce.
frankieboywonder 59  NM Whatever I want to; whatever strikes my fancy at the moment.
frankieboywonder 59  NM Whatever I want to; whatever strikes my fancy at the moment.
FrattLaw 33  CA I just finished my proof Ikes, SBAs and Sacs, all in PR69 DCAM. Currently, I am trying and trying is the operative word, to assemble a complpete toned Peace dollar NGC Registry Set in MS. Not and easy or inexpensive feat. So far I have about 7 of the necessary coins. These are hard to find, at least in attractive toning. Pics will be posted as soon as I get the coins back from NGC for slabbing.
Frenchy 68  CA Stamps, books, coins, sport card, coke bottle, I am in the process of liquiding my holddings.
fullstepjeffs   TX Jefferson Nickels, by variety, steps, color and strike. Contact me if you have any for sale.
GaCoinNewbie 33  GA World Proofs and Proof Sets from 1969. US Proof and Mint Sets from 1969. Working on a raw US Type set. The Coates fledgling Registry Set. and anything else that happens to catch my eye.
garsmith 46  NV Graded (PCGS): Morgan Dollars Peace Dollars Ike Dollars (Circ) Ike Dollars (Proof) SBA Dollars (Circ) SBA Dollars (Proof) Sacajawea Dollars (Circ) Sacajawea Dollars (Proof) Gold Dollars Walking Liberty 1/2 Dollars Raw: American Silver Eagles (Roll) American Silver Eagles (Uncirc) American Silver Eagles (Proof) American Gold Eagles (Uncirc) American Gold Eagles (Sets) Mint sets (OGP) Special Mint Sets (OGP) Souvenir sets (OGP) Proof sets (OGP) Silver Proof sets (OGP) Premier Proof sets (OGP) Prestige Proof sets (OGP) State Quarter Proof sets (OGP) American Legacy sets (OGP) Dark Side: Philippine Proof sets (OGP)
gemineye 58  NY I collect moderns.I am always looking to upgrade my Short Cam set of Kennedy's. ....PCGS 1965 -1967 in ms67 Cam...... NGC.ms68 Cam.I like These especially. I like the Sac issues also. One of my favorites is Glenna's presentation coins. I have one from ICG.
Geoman 33  MN I mainly collect Walking Liberty Half Dollars, Franklin Half Dollars, Kennedy Half Dollars, and Eisenhower Dollars. Just started collecting last year (Sept. 2001) so I have a lot to learn yet. I also collect rock and mineral samples, especially ore samples, as I am a graduate student in economic geology.
giftshark2000 48  CA US Halves US Quarters US Silver Eagles Ex-wives
giftshark2000 48  CA US Halves US Quarters US Silver Eagles Ex-wives
Gilbert 42  PA Primarily, Morgan silver dollars (by series and limited varieties, particularly those minted in Philadelphia bearing the date of 1878); Franklin half dollars (mint state and Proof); silver Washington quarters (mint state and Proof). Eventually, I will collect the following U.S series: quarters, half dollars, silver Commemoratives and selected other individual U.S. coins. I respect and admire many series and type, am not limited in my collecting goals, and imagine there are really no coins the DO NOT appeal to me; NOTHING is off limits.
gmarguli 29  CA I'm putting together a complete set (144 coins & 2 Norse Medals) of colorfully toned commemoratives.

The appearance and color is the most important feature, not grade, but nothing below MS60. Currently the set averages well over MS65 with only 2 coins grading below that. I'm NOT a PCGS snob, so all grading services are represented.

The current highlight is an OUTRAGEOUSLY toned GWC

I'm always looking to acquire COLORFULLY toned commemoratives.
Private message
or email me if you know of one you think I might like.
Goldmine 51  CT I collect Morgans and various issues of type Gold. My current mission is to complete the 1907/08 set of high end Liberty and St Gauden gold coins in all 4 denominations. Unfortunately, I get side-tracked too often by other coins that catch my eye.
goldrush00013 35  OH I collect gold and silver coins from around the world. American Eagles Gold Indians Krugerrands YOU NAME IT!!
gonzer 51  CA Specialized in 1973 Lincoln cent errors. Won 1st place in "Major Error " category at the C.O.N.E. (later CONECA) show in Anaheim CA in 1973. Completed 70/70, Lincoln, Roosies, Jeffs, Kennedy and Ike. Found an XF 1969 DD (the big one) in change in 1972.
GoYankees 38  MA Primarily, I collect all 20th century US coins. I'm currently looking to complete cerified sets of Lincolns, Jeffersons, Washingtons(non-state only), Mercs, Roosies, and halves.
goyankeez 23  NY My main collection/interest is 1950-1970 cameo proof coinage. I have an almost complete set of silver Roosevelt dime proofs in high grades. Although most are not DCAM, I'm happy with the cameo contrast on all of them. I'm just starting the nickel proofs, and am looking at clad dimes. My side collections/interests lie everywhere else. I'm starting on a U.S. major type coin set in circ. grades. The more I look at these old coins in the books, the more I want them all!! Before I'm finished with this type set, I'll probably be starting another one. I've been collecting on and off for around 10 years. I've been spending some serious time and money on this hobby for a year now. I LOVE IT.
GP NJ I am currently working on an O mint Morgan set. Still need the 1879,86,89,90,92-97,1901,03 (wow, thought I was closer until I listed them!) ;)

and a Silver State Quarter proof set (doing ok on this one!)I have 1999 and 2000 all in PCGS PR69DCAM

Of course, I go off track a lot, and am always looking for anything the catches my eye, especially blue or red toning! But those are the 2 that I am officially "working" on!
Graham Vibrantly toned coinage,Seated dimes and Morgan dollars.
granpagraf 47  WI All types of American coins, gold and silver. I inherited My Dad's collection and am trying to build a better collection. He invested in Gold Eagle sets before He died so I really like Gold coins if I can afford them! I recently found out about "slabbed" coins, so I am building up a collection of slabbed quarters amoungst others that catch My eye. I have alot of Morgans,(cc's) in excellent condition amoung other great coins My Dad collected! I am hoping to learn alot more about the coin collecting hobby from all the great info. on the chat board! I also collect Antique Soda Bottles from Milwaukee, Wisconsin along with antique advertising from Milwaukee!"Graf's" is My specialty. Graf's brewed weiss beer, soda and mineral water and after prohibition they became famous for their "Creamy Top Rootbeer" If You are from Milwaukee, You had to have heard of Graf's Beverages! I brag to have the largest Graf collection in existance! Anyways, Life goes on!!
greeniejr 25  IL
greghansen 54  FL Large silver coins. Type coins. Type gold. Bullion products.
grip 63  TX US coin's,key date's in most series,no gold. Also toned washingtons.
gryghst1864 29  PA I am a fairly new collector, although I started keeping wheat cents as a child. I have seriously been collecting for a little while now. (No, I didnt start with the State quarters) I collect mainly circulated US coins, although I do have a number of foreign coins in my collection. The oldest coins I have are Russian silver-wire kopecks from the 1500's. the oldest US coin so far is 1853 silver 3cent in G. I am working on complete year/mint sets. I have completed Roosevelt, Jefferson, and Ike. I am closing in on complete sets of Kennedy, SBA, Mercury, Lincolns, Indians and Liberty nickels. and if anyone knows of a local chapter of CCA(Coin Collectors Anonymous) please let me know. I am beyond addicted to coins, I eat, sleep, and breath coins, I even dream about coins. Thanks to Sean, aka, KoinKollector, for sending me here. (not to mention that he got me started on seated coins now too)
GTS 42  NY Saint gaudens double eagles as i have traded in most my other coins to focus on this one particular series.I love Ikes and gold indians too, not to metion buffalo nickels.
guitarwes 29  GA I collect a lot a bit of everything. Working on a 7070 and Buffalo Nickel d/mm set. I LOVE BUFFALO TONERS!!!! I just can't stop myself when I see one. PM me if you got some.
HalfCents 54  NM I actively collect the Dansco Album version of a U.S. Type Set (1800 to present) and I lack four coins as of now. I hope to upgrade several of the Type coins, too. I also collect U.S. Half Cents, U.S. Large Cents, and architectural British Conder Tokens. I am a member of EAC and ANA, and I have been "lurking and learning" here for a while.
halfhunter 55  GA Currently Concentrating on OBW rolls of dimes, quarters and halves thru 1980, colorfully toned coins, and modern Mint widgets. Still have a Peace Dollar set to finish.
halfhunter 55  GA Currently Concentrating on OBW rolls of dimes, quarters and halves thru 1980, colorfully toned coins, and modern Mint widgets. Still have a Peace Dollar set to finish.
hamiltonjh 38  A little of alot...mostly raw. Morgans, modern gold, Sacs, State Quarters slabbed and raw. If I had to pick 1 coin...I'd say I'm workin on a Morgan collection.
HansMoleman 31  IL I like collecting coins the old fashioned way. I collect all sorts of old US coins. If I like the coins I find, I buy them. I don't like the new plastic cases they come in these days. I don't depend on the grades on the new cases either. I don't care if a case says MS-67 or MS-68. If I like it and the price isn't too high for how the coin looks, I buy it. If not I don't. It's as simple as that.
HighRelief   WA Saint Gaudens, PL and DMPL Morgan's are my favorite.
HooKooEKoo 35  AL Working on a type set of U.S. Minted Coins and a circulated type set of Buffallo Nickels. Wife working on a circulated type set of Mercury Dimes.
hossie   WV Were there any copper clad pennies made in the 1930's ? Especially interested in 1936.
hotpockets01 60  PA Morgan's, Walker's, Standing Ladies,
hrlaser 51  CA United States coins by type or personal whim, classic and modern both, Proof and Unc. sets, Commemoratives, Lincoln Cents, Mercury Dimes, Morgan Dollars, a little bit of everything.
hughesm1 32  AE I like Bust Halves, Morgans, and Franklins.
HuliganRS 23  IL Gold - even some Dark Side stuff Whashington Quarters Morgan Dollars Peace Dollars SAE & GAE Type coins All sorts of stuff!!!
illini420 28  CA Collecting US Type Coins right now. Also working on a 1909 Mint Set. Mostly collecting graded coins, but sometimes I can't help myself and I'll buy the raw ones.
ironhorse19   WY Everything. High interest in seaching for varieties and errors.
islemangu 42  GU I enjoy collecting all US type coins. My favorites are toned Morgans, Buffalo nickels and proof barber halves. My Grandfather planted the coinbug seed in me when I was 8 years old. Was an avid numismatics reader and coin hustler/trader/buyer all the way into high school. Dropped out of coins in the 80s while focusing then on college, then carreer and then family. Returned to enjoying coins in the 90s to present. Also collect/raise/nurture different types of tropical bonsai trees and cockatiel birds as pets.
izzy452 58  MI I collect Mercury Dimes both MS and Proof.I also collect SAE proofs.
jakemrjr 19  OH I mostly collect silver coins... commemoratives, proofs, and silver eagles.
JAMERICON 28  NJ Collecting since I was 11, my tastes have changed over the last few years. Went from accumulator to collector. My interest parallels both coins and currency. I concentrate on US Type coins, mostly key and better dates, in circulated to high MS grades. Eye appeal is the key! As for currency, I specialize in $5 small-size notes. My goal is to have a complete type set by Friedberg numbers with Oakes and Schwartz varities. I firmly believe that the best thing a numismatist can do is educate themselves and buy what they like.
jd4science 12  ID I really collect whatever i can get my hands on and afford. I am currently saving for a 1908 no motto st. guadens which is taking all my money for now. Other hobbies include astrophotography,and drawing.I have a 34th finest ms lincoln set.Thanks for reading!!!
jdbcoin MN I am currently working on a collection of Buffalo nickels and S.L. quarters in MS condition. Progress is slow, but steady. I have been interested in collecting coins since 1982 when the "new" Lincoln cents came out, which is funny because I don't like Linc cents. I don't like any modern coins and try to stay as far away from them as possible.
jdp2 42  GA I have been collecting for about 30 years now. I collect for a while and really get into it and then don't for a while. I collect Jefferson nickels, proof sets and silver eagles. I have all the proof sets since 1960 and am kind of proud of that. My nickel collection is complete, I am upgrading now. I am also putting together a MS set of the state quarters. Since my nickel collection is complete I guess I will start collecting the dimes and quarters. I do have a penny collection but there is no way to complete it. The key dates are just way out of my league.
Jeffrey 41  MD I used to collect Morgan dollars. I'm now losing most of the Morgans and am doing some type collecting. All of my new acquisitions are in PCGS slabs, mostly in the $50 - $200 range.
jessewvu 29  MD I collect modern coins, commemorative, ASE's, and special mint sets. I am starting to move backwards in time from now. Modern coins are nice because of the strong strikes and many different designs. I would love to complete a 1909 Mint Set in the next few years in MS63 or better, where I can.
jfoot13 57  CT love buff and jefferson varieties... especially fond of war nickel RPM's ( so much for an 11 coin set ) lately I've been drawn to the beauty of the cameo franklin..
jhar 36  NC Silver Dollars are my favorites, Morgans most of all, although other series sometimes catch my eye, such as Buffalo Nickels, Bust Halves, and Lg Cents. I want to get into VAM collecting especially. I am also allways on the lookout for books to add to my tiny Numismatic library.
jim IL A little of everthing...since I have Just started again halves (Franklin/Walkers) Proofs Standing Quarters Morgans Peace Barbers
JimC 48  FL I have been trying to obtain one Proof PCGS PR69DCAM or better coin from each year 1954 to current. I have a good start on this and am having fun. I collect and love Peace Dollars (partially for the name since my daughter asked me over 20 years ago what I wanted for Christmas and I said Peace on Earth - Since then that is what I have told her every time she asks) I currently have the 3rd Finest $5.00 AGE and still trying to improve this due to it being my first completed set.
JJacks 30  CA Hi everybody. I mostly collect PCGS coins of Morgans, Peace $, Franklin 50C, some Walking halfs, Ike $s and a few type coins here and there. Right now, I am working on a high end (for me ) Peace $ set where the goal is to have every S mint except the 34-S in 64, and easier dates in 65 or 66.
JLW 45  CA I collect circulated Lincoln cents, Unc. Franklin halves, Unc. and proof silver Eagles, circulated Walking Liberty halves, Morgan dollars, Commemoratives,(old and new), Proof sets, Mint sets and have recently started acquiring higher-grade certified coins. I am a hobbyist, not looking to get rich, but always looking for good deals on the above, and pleased when I find one.
jmp81 DC I am collecting dollars from 1900-present. I am trying to connect the history of the 20th century with the minting of dollars. Collecting Morgans and Peace dollars in mint state where I can afford them. For the Ikes and SBAs, I am collecting the highest grades I can afford. I am collecting SACs from the mint... will not collect graded SACs. Years from now when everything is collected, I will create a CD of photos and history to place with the coins. All of this to pass on to a grandson who was born July 9, 2001.
joeforex 27  NY I really enjoy modern US coins. As i do appreciate the beaty of coins from the past I prefer coins and notes that circulated, or currently circulate. Sacagawea, Lincoln Cents, State Quarters, Jefferson NIckels, Liberty Dimes, American BUffalo $50, Presidential Dollars, Spouse Coins, American Notes.
joemon2 49  MO I collect Morgan dollars and am currently working on a set of Walkers in MS64 or better (1934-1947). Really like toned coins, especially Morgan and Peace dollars. I am also putting together a 20th century type set so there is always something I'm looking to add to my collection.
jpumper 55  CA Mostly unc Morgans,working on key dates in any modern US coinage. Love unc Walkers and Lincoln's. Have complete sets of lincolns, jeffs, mercs, Wash, Walkers, I would love to complete my Morgans with at least a AU 95. Invest in gold and silver yet love the numismatic value of a good Coronet or St Gauden.
JR CA I've started several Registry Sets and have put together the #1 Mint State Silver Eagle Registry set and I'm aiming for a top 10 spot in the Proof Franklin Half dollar series too. Once I crossover a few coins, I should make it there.

I like most all proof coins and I have collected coins in a wide variety of series. I've just recently started collecting PCGS and NGC certified Kennedy proof Half-dollar coins with the goal of putting together a complete set. I want to someday soon own one excellent certified Morgan Silver Dollar.

For fun, I have been collecting raw Jefferson nickels (all dates, mintmarks and varieties) in hopes of putting together a complete high-grade raw uncirculated coin set. I also collect most any uncirculated MS and proof modern coins (raw and certified) that catch my interest.


JrGMan2004 18  FL Working on a certified Mercury Dime Short set '34-'45 and a Capped Bust Half-Dime Registry Set, with original, problem free coins, that are nicely grey, in VF30 or better grades.
jtryka 32  OR I like anything pretty, especially classical US gold coins (the bigger and heavier the better). I have been working on a certified MS type set, and I always like adding to my gold coin collection (currently saving state quarters for the purchase of a MS-63 to MS-65 Type 1 Lib $20, probably a SSCA or Brother Jonathan). I have also started to put together a set of Washington quarters in circulated condition in an effort to recapture the fun of collecting from my childhood, without all the stress of grading, slabs and registry sets! This is supposed to be fun right? Oh, and I also really enjoy sponsoring grading contests on the board!
jtwax 30  MT Jefferson Nickel Varieties
Julian 58  MD I have been a full time dealer since 1965 and came to the realization in the early 70's that I could not collect what I deal in. My clients would not want to hear that this item is for my collection. That said, I do have collections of currency with low serial #'s 00000081, 82, 84, but I would sell them if anyone was interested. I mostly satisfy my collecting urges with the knowledge that the collections that I help build are to an extent, mine, so I "collect through my clients' collections". It is cheaper and nearly as enjoyable.
Julian 58  MD I have been a full time dealer since 1965 and came to the realization in the early 70's that I could not collect what I deal in. My clients would not want to hear that this item is for my collection. That said, I do have collections of currency with low serial #'s 00000081, 82, 84, but I would sell them if anyone was interested. I mostly satisfy my collecting urges with the knowledge that the collections that I help build are to an extent, mine, so I "collect through my clients' collections". It is cheaper and nearly as enjoyable.
justforgrins IL I am currently working on a MS set of Washington quarters, with the exception of three coins my set is at least MS64, I only have 16 coins to go to complete it. I also have an MS set of Silver American Eagles, an MS set of Lincoln cents from 1941 to date. and I recently acquired a two coin Buffalo set, sill waiting for the C&C.
justgotripped 35  NY Modern coins. Franklin halves, PCGS Lincoln Proof, birth year to present. Mint State Statehood Quarters, Sackies w/ Proofs and whatever stikes my eye.
KAJ 34  CT All are in PCGS slabs. Lincolns, ms-65 rd (older) ms-66 (40's-50's wheats) ms-67 (modern) Mercs, ms-65 fb (older) ms-66 (40's+) Franklins ms64 fbl Morgan's 63-65 Also, I love old copper (half and large cents) I like old dimes and halfs too. I collect proof and mint sets also.
kaj1 35  CT MS RD Lincolns Ms fbl Franklins
kamehameha00 11  IL I collect anything from world to u.s. coins from tokens to medals.The only thing I don't collect are ancients.I am a metal detectorist,but an inexperienced one.I mostly collect U.S. Type and Canadian small cents.I am currently not buying.
karpman9 39  AZ I collect mostly examples of type including key-dates, high grade Saints, and errors. I also like collecting early commems and early coppers. Some examples from my coin collection include: 1852 1c PCGS 65 R/B; 1856 1c PCGS 64 R/B; 1909 S Indian Head PCGS 64 RED; 1909 S VDB PCGS 64 RED; 1909 S VDB PCGS 65 R/B; 1955 DDO ANACS 62 R/B; 1972 DDO PCGS 65 RED; 1796 Draped Bust Dime 4 Berries XF45; 1916 D Mercury Dime PCGS VF20; 1942/1 Mercury Dime PCGS XF45; 1859 Seated 25c NGC PF64; 1795 Flowing Hair $1 PCGS F12; 1799 Draped Bust $1 NGC VF30; 1834 Classic $5 plain 4 NGC AU53; 1927 Saint PCGS 66; 1928 Saint PCGS 66; Some examples from my currency collection:
keithdagen 28  TX Collector of all Type coins, currently working on Seated material and earlier. Also putting together a raw set of 20th Century coins. Completed the dollars, now working on dimes and halfs.
kenoshapete 40  WI Just about anything in U.S. coinage and currency. Especially love the old lincoln cents and IHC's, mercs and buffalo's.
kieferscoins 22  CA Cameron is a 22 year old coin dealer living in California. A collector for the last ten years, he has always tried to involve the youth with coin collecting. As an intern with the ANA in 2001 he was able to work with, and learn from some of the most knowledgeable people in the field. Two years ago he won the Outstanding Young Numismatist of the Year award for 2002 from the ANA and is involved with many local and regional clubs. He is the editor of the Franklin Collectors Club and the Young Numismatists of America. His main specialty is sample slabs and his website can be found at
kingmatt 46  OH Barber Dimes, Mercs, SLQ
Kingpin 49  SC My main focus is collecting PCGS certified Peace Dollars at this time. I do however collect raw Large Cents, 2 & 3 Cent pieces, Shield Nickels, and Half Dimes. The Peace Dollars I collect are mint state, while the other coins generally are VF and better.Currently working on type set of VF or better.
KlectorKid 20  WI Stickers.
KoinKollector 22  FL I collect seated dimes. Right now im working on a variety set and a PCGS Registry Set, which can be seen by clicking here. "The Koin Kollection"
kragg 43  NC Silver Eagle Proofs, Sacagawea Proofs, American Buffalo Proofs (should they run for more than a year *AND* the rims aren't beat all to Hades), branch mint gold, used popsicle sticks, bits of lint, and old dryer sheets. OK, ...I lied about those last three... but the rest are solid! I am relatively new at this and enjoy the chase!
Kriek 22  FL Jon Kriek
Morgan Dollar Fanatic
kronos 53  TX Just started collecting slabbed Franklin Registry Set for my new Grandson Kalob. Have only aquired and listed four(4) coins so far.
kryptonitecomics 33  FL I pretty much collect all US coin Series except for 3 Cent Silvers, 3 Cent Nickels, Shield Nickels and Half Cents. I am currently concentrating on Key and Semi-key coins from each of the modern series. I don't pass up on a good deal no mater what the grade, but I tend to stick to only Certified coins were the keys are concerned. I enjoy searching flea markets and shows for coins as you never know what you are going to come across. I have tried several times to put together a Registry set, but my tastes vary so often I never stick with anything long enough to finish a set. My favorite coins are Liberty Head Nickels, followed closely by Seated Dimes and Half Dimes, and Mercs. My newest interest is in collecting toned Morgan Silver Dollars. I am a super collector and I have at least 8 to 10 hobbies other than coins and I love my Corvette.
labute 44  OH PCGS-graded MSRD Lincoln Cents(wheats only). Considering Colonials, just acquired my first one in one of Founding Fathers' auctions.
lanlord 144  ?? All Barber series, SLQs, IHCs, Bust half dollars, Commemoratives (classic and modern), Proof sets, State quarters, moss
lariverdog 44  AL Mainly finishing my NGC PR70 silver state collection. Love bust half dollars as well.
LAWMAN 53  CA Bust halves; Mercury Dimes; Buffalo nickels; Franklin halves; numismatic books, magazines and literature (the older the better); modern commem's; MS70 modern commems; early commems; banknotes
LAWMAN 53  CA Bust halves; Mercury Dimes; Buffalo nickels; Franklin halves; numismatic books, magazines and literature (the older the better); modern commem's; MS70 modern commems; early commems; banknotes
leeg 47  VA My focus is on 1857 and 1957 Year Coins. Also working on a DANSCO 7070 Type Set Album. Need DCAM 57 Proofs. Buy any coin that's PQ with color.
Leevee 42  FL I am new collector just doing it for fun and when I can afford to I buy for investment. In other words some of my coins will go to a safety deposit box while the others will stay at home for me to dig through and peruse with my glass. I have been buyin at auctions here in town and using a red book as my guide. So far so good. I am completing a wheat set my dad started in the 70s and I also am putting together the state quarters for fun with my kids. I really want to buy old gold but, can only afford the occasional $2.50 piece or something under $300. I have too many mouths to feed to go overboard. I may also sell a few on the bay to go after the ones I really want. Anyway, that's pretty much it.
Leevee 42  FL I am new collector just doing it for fun and when I can afford to I buy for investment. In other words some of my coins will go to a safety deposit box while the others will stay at home for me to dig through and peruse with my glass. I have been buyin at auctions here in town and using a red book as my guide. So far so good. I am completing a wheat set my dad started in the 70s and I also am putting together the state quarters for fun with my kids. I really want to buy old gold but, can only afford the occasional $2.50 piece or something under $300. I have too many mouths to feed to go overboard. I may also sell a few on the bay to go after the ones I really want. Anyway, that's pretty much it.
legacycoin 37  MN
  • Seated coinage
  • Pre-1950 mint errors
  • 16th/17th century German State thalers
Leila 31  FL I don't collect, I inherited gold coins and would like to know exactly what I have, ask for opinion, ecc.
Leodinus 23  CA I collect anything U.S. that is obsolete. I love the older coins (late 1700s, early 1800s), but they bite into my budget hard. I'm working on getting a gold coin of each type, but the $20 is killing me :D. I'm now in the market to start buying and selling, but I find it so hard to part with them.
Leodinus 23  CA I collect anything U.S. that is obsolete. I love the older coins (late 1700s, early 1800s), but they bite into my budget hard. I'm working on getting a gold coin of each type, but the $20 is killing me :D. I'm now in the market to start buying and selling, but I find it so hard to part with them.
Libertad 52  KS Still working on Buff. nickel collection started at age 8! Collect SBA's, Morgans, modern commem's, odd commem's, proof sets, and anything that catches my eye. Will get around to completing earlier ASE's when the whim hits me.
lincolnSence 45  WA Lincoln cents - mintstate, varieties, OMM's, RPM's, cuds, Lincoln errors. Basically anything Lincoln!
lincolnsense   CA I first got into coins, or should I say they got into me, in the 70’s. U.S. is my main interest, but I have a complete set of New Zealand decimal coins and other foreign, Some good old East Africans picked up there when I lived there to ad some variety. My Current Hunt is for an original packaged Cheerios Dollar and Cent set. I’m willing to pay $600.00 plus depending on condition and state of preservation. Unc. Lincolns is my main area, but I also like Indians, Buffalos, Jefferson’s, Type coins, RPM's and Double Dies My e-mail is;
LittleBitOEveryThing 34  OH Really interested in the Morgan series with a pretty decent collection (I think) And really enjoy Indian head pennies. Always looking for nice Morgans and IHC have a few almost complete sets of V'S and Wheaties and barber dimes. And just about anything that catches my eye.
littlewicher 15  NY

What I Collect

  • Superbly Toned Jefferson Nickels
  • High Grade Lincoln Cents
  • High Grade FB Mercury Dimes
  • High Grade Morgan Dollars
  • High Grade Liberty Nickels
  • High Grade Modern Proofs
  • Buffalo Nickels
  • Walking Liberty Halves
longtimecollector 112  elongated 1856 Flying Eagle cents, territorial gold bracelets, earrings made from Stellas, Gobrecht Dollar coasters
lordmarcovan 666  GA Coins. Big coins, little coins, world coins, US coins. Silver coins, gold coins, copper coins, bronze coins. Old coins, modern coins. Ancient coins. Holed coins. Undamaged coins. Certified coins, raw coins. Rare coins. Common coins. Coins found with my metal detector. Coins found by my friends' metal detectors. Coins found without a metal detector. Coins found under the car seat while looking for lost keys. Coins found underneath the sofa cushions, with dustbunnies and cat hair and old moldy french fries attached to them. Coinscoinscoinscoinscoinscoins.
LovedByDog97 20  Anything that makes money
luckydolphin   FL Mostly old coins and LP records. The records are a combination of LP's from the days before stereo to AC-DC and 70's rock and roll. I also have lots of old Zippo's from the old days.
MacCoin 48  ME PCGS registry sets SBA, Modern Type Coin Set (1900-Present)
cirulated Ikes, Kennedys, Franklins, washinton quarters, state quarters,Barber Quarters Standing Liberty quarters, Linclon cents, Indian Head cents, Large cents, Complete U.S. type set (1793--Present) $2.00 bills, fractional currency, and confederate money
maddogale 47  IN Been collecting for years without a goal or purpose. Now I am setting my sights on MS Type set, raw or slabbed, preferably raw. I am also completing my slabbed Franklin MS set, a complete IKE set (ms & proof) and a complete Kennedy set. I also have in my sights any toned Jeffersons, and completing all 20th century sets in circ condition in albums. My son is also starting his own type set using avg+ circ coins.
madmike 32  CA Currently working on a PCGS Modern Type Set and a 1986 to Date collection of MS69 Silver Eagles.

Other than coins, I also collect books (I have a weakness for Hardcover First Editions), Music, Tacky Airport Shot Glasses and anything else I can manage.

I'm an avid F-1 fan, a begining/intermediate mountain biker and a really crappy (5.7) rock climber.
MarketMaker 43  CA High grade, problem free, attractive Type.
martyf 39  NJ Anything that looks cool, US, Darkside or otherwise ;)
MastaHanky 23  UT I am working on a complete sets of coins that had mintages during the 20th century. At the moment I am working on a Lincoln cent and Buffalo nickel registry set. Up next will be Mercury dimes and Silver commemoratives. I also collect error currency, with a fondness for mismatched serial numbers.
Masterguns 47  VA Novice collector. Like to dabble with Morgan dollars, mint and proof sets, ASE.
MAULUMALL 44  VA Eagles.Silver,Gold or Platinum. Moderns.Mint Sets.Silver Proofs sets.Comms. Some classic Comms. Morgan and Peace dollars.
Max32240 68  KY I have been collecting Coin,s for Approx.8 Yrs. I have a Liberty Head Gold Set in MS-64 Grade and also The Indian Head Set in MS-64.Both Sets are Better Date Coin,s and Premium Quality.
mbbiker 18  WI I am into collecting type sets and franklin halfs. I also got a cherrypickers guide and am thinking i might be able to support my collecting of my finds (with lots of luck)
meos1 40  SC Modern Commemoratives,Proof sets, mint sets and silver eagle (BU and Proof). Let me know if you need assistance with Clustering, Application Center, IIS, Virtual Server, or server consolidation. Rates vary depending on project scope, duration and location. Send your mail to for an emergent response please send to
mercury1 28  KS I'm working on mint state, full band, Mercury dimes. My preference is white or lightly toned. I am listed under S.A.Chacon in PCGS Registry Set.
merz2 46  PA High Grade(PR65+ RD) Early Date Proof Lincolns,PCGS Certified.
MFH 58  FL I collect mostly late 19th C. to early 20th C. material. ( IE: IHC; V Nickels; Buffalos; Barber dimes, quarters and halves; SLQ's; Walkers; Franklin Proofs in CAM; 1889 Proof and Mint sets including gold; 1898 Proof Set; general type material. The majority of my collection is in AU 55-58 with a few MS coins thrown in for good measure. For the past 10 years, I have concentrated on Barbers. However my pride and joy has been my SLQ set ( which is under constant revision ). ANA member; Ft Myers (FL) CC member; BCCS member.
mgmckee 70  SC all types of US coins..I started collecting coins around 1999. I have a few collections, wouldn't know what the actual grade of the coins are, I'd be guessing..I'm here to learn more about coins period...
mgoodm3 37  OR Proof copper: IHC's and matte Lincolns. MS coppper: Brown Indian cents. Photography.
michael4692 39  IN
MikeB 32  WA US coins and currency. Working on nickels right now, a type set, a set of uncirculated Silver Eagles, and a set of uncirculated 1997 Gold Eagles. I'm learning a lot!
millennium 1000000  GA Proof Indian Cents, Proof Lincoln Cents, Proof Sets from 1936 to present. Half Cents, Indian Cents, Lincoln Cents. Proof Coins!
mirabela 35  VT Mid-range type coins with personality; classic commemoratives, but only the designs I like (that rules out ~half); gem & near gem Jefferson business strikes.
mommam17 52  CT I love the classic commems. I collected from the late 60`s to the early 80`s. I sold most of my collection in 1991. Came back in 1998 and have been having lots of fun the last 7 years building up my collection to where it once was. This year I finally finished my 50 piece commem type set, adding the Hawaiian, Alabama and a prooflike Isabella. YES!!!!!!!!!!!
moneyhungry 43  PA I LOVE collecting all USA coins,I have a collection of foreign coins too. I have a lot of Proofs, I know a lot of collectors are not BIG on Kennedy, but I have mostly proofs, of the wonderful half dollar.
mongoose 37  NC All 20th Century Series/Denominations by year and mintmark. Proof sets from 1950 to present, mint sets from 1959 to present.
morganbarber 36  MD I collect all U.S. coinage with an emphasis on silver from the Morgan and Barber series through '64.
MORGANHUNTER2 49  TX Morgans- trying to put together a complete ms63 set and hopefully have it as a registry set in the near future, Currently have 32 Morgans a few graded by pcgs and anacs.
mrcommem 45  MO I got bit by the collecting bug when I was about 8 years old. I collect early commemoratives 1892-1954 (MS64 or better), early gold commemoratives (MS63 or better), U. S. Types of copper, nickel, silver and gold, modern commemoratives of both silver and gold, and lastly a type set of Dahlonega gold (AU50 to AU).
mrdq 42  MI I began collecting in 1976 at the age of 14 with the help of my dad. I collected until I was about 20 now i'm returning to the Hobby with more brains and a lot more money! I recently decided to collect Seated Half Dimes 1837-1873. I own my own businesses (Currently 7) and would LOVE to open a coin shop in the future.
mrfred 47  IL I am a fan of the Peace Dollar and am very close to a full BU set. I also collect the coins of Liberia, where I served in the Peace Corps in the 1970s (the circulating coins, not the modern non-circulating legal tender Nolan Ryan Star Trek and similar stuff). And like everybody, I seem to be always working on wheat cents.
MrKelso 48  NJ Morgans, Walking Liberty Halfs, American Gold, Canadian Gold, British Gold, Some Early US Dollars, More Recently looking at Barber Halfs. Also Collect Old Toy Robots and Space Related Toys Old FlashLights and Lanterns from 1920 back to the 1800's Old Clocks before 1920
mrpaseo 34  TN I'm up in the air right now as to what I collect, I'm about finished with my Circ Merc collection (Two left) and all but stalled on my Lincoln sets (Due to many of the coins going bad in the holders). The two deployments put a damper on my research and with an upcomming move, I may be just dabbling in stuff that catches my eye.
ms70   NJ I have started toward the goal of a U.S. Type set by coin/decade/mint. For example: Roosevelt Dimes, one coin from each decade they were made, examples spanning all the mints they were made at. Emphasis is more toward exceptional eye appeal than rarity. I love original coins, white or beautifully toned. I also have collected some "Types" & "Varieties" that I took a liking to such as 3 legged Buffalos! Who doesn't love them?!! Lastly, I also enjoy metal detecting. No newsworthy finds as of this writing but all the change I dig up is dedicated toward the purchase of new coins for my collection. My advice for new collectors: Get educated! There's much to learn in this great hobby!
mtnman 59  WV I collect mostly Morgans and Washington quarters. I have completed my Morgan set and now am trying to upgrade the set. I am also working on a mint set for my birth year in PCGS MS66.
muchogrande 33  NY All US Coins and World Coins. All of my Dark Side coins are from current circulation. I am currently concentrating on Large Cents and Morgan Dollars. However, every now & then, I feel the urge to buy Seated or Capped Bust Dimes & Half-Dimes.
mustangman7 42  MI Highest Grade PCGS Mint State Lincoln Memorials. (Former #1 Registry set owner)
Myqqy 33  OR I collect Morgan Dollars, high quality cameo proof Franklins, Peace Dollars, proof sets, and the new gold eagle bullion coins. Someday I hope to gather the pennies necessary to start a nice gold type collection........
myrnatopia 27  VA I have a 1830 BUST half dollar that my mother gave to me. I have no idea as to the value of this coin or its rarity, any ideas would be appreciated. I will post a picture really soon.
nankraut   CA 2-cent pieces; 3-cent pieces. 1936-1964 proof sets.
newbarberguy   Looking to complete a set of mid-grade (XF-45) Barber Halves in honor of my parents who were born during the period of mintage--and may have jingled a few in their pockets during their lifetime. My collection is displayed as the Pelican Collection in the PCGS Registry. If you happen to have a PCGS XF-45 Barber Half that's missing from my collection and would like to release it, please PM me...I would be very happy discuss it with you. Happy collecting!
newbiecollector 57  Just a fella from Texas, now and for a long time living in Norway
newcomp103 38  GA Morgan & Peace Dollar Vams are currently my main focus, but I have collected Buffalo Nickels and Mercury Dimes in the past.
NHSBaseball 39  LA I'm working on a set of Capped Bust Half Dimes by die marriage/remarriage.
NightHawk   OR Indian Head Cents, Lincoln Cents, Barber Dimes, Most modern types & just about any other pretty coin that comes my way. :o)
notwilight 51  CA Mostly large cents...
NoviceKris 39  IL As the name implies I am a novice collector but right now I am collecting Ike Dollars, SBA's, Sacs, Peace Dollars, Kennedys, Franklins, WL Halves, ASE, Modern Commems, Mint Sets, Proof Sets, Silver Proof Sets, Bronze Medals. I love raw coins along with my slabs. Am learning more and more everyday, thanks to all of you posting members. Thanks!
nucklehead 50  CA Bullion gold,silver SAE's O mint Morgan dollars, Peace dollars,Proof sets,errors coins of all kinds, also collect 1st edition books and I'm working on building a nice coin book library.
Numismanic 44  CA I collect all U.S coins with an emphasis on 20th century coins. I completed the Buffalo nickel short set and am looking to upgrade some of the coins. I am currently working on the 1934-1946 year sets. My sets are listed in the PCGS registry under the name Donald K. Warner.
Numismanic 44  CA I collect all U.S coins with an emphasis on 20th century coins. I completed the Buffalo nickel short set and am looking to upgrade some of the coins. I am currently working on the 1934-1946 year sets. My sets are listed in the PCGS registry under the name Donald K. Warner.
numobri 48  MI I collect mostly Draped Bust Dollars,also do Morgans,early type and just about every thing inbetween.Have a full set of Lincolns g-bu,full set of silver washington quarters g-bu and a full set of Mercs g-bu.If you have any Bust Dollars,i might be intrested.
numonebuyer   I collect PCGS certified Morgan Silver Dollars.
OffMetal 14  AZ Error/Oddity Coins and Currency
okbustchaser   OK Copper and silver bust material with an emphasis on capped half dollars by Overton number. Would also like (someday) to get 1796 and 1797 small eagle reverse halves to complete half dollar year set 1794--present.
oldcameoproofsguy 40  I am currently focused on completing my PCGS Registry set of Proof Barber Quarters. Each one with as much cameo contrast as one may find for the individual date. The set I am putting together is minimally toned or with very light original toning.
oldshep 59  WA Walking Liberty Halfs, Silver Eagle Proofs, Mercury Dimes and others as I get more into it. I am trying to be good in grading, relative newbie- I was thrown into it when asked to inventory a large collection of mostly circulated coins - Then I was hooked on coins.
OneThinDime 46  AZ My primary pursuit is for a complete 19th and 20th Century U.S. type set (my favorite endeavor - and ongoing! I'm now upgrading some of these examples). The Peace Dollar set is complete. The rest(currently) are as follows: Walkers (just starting), Morgans (work in progress), Winged Liberty Dimes (son and I are half way through MS set!), Buffalo Nickels (well circulated and just for fun), Jeffersons (9 year old son started it, now I'm finishing), Hard Times Tokens (can't explain it, Andy Jackson is to blame)
onthespot 42  CA Vintage Marbles, Breyer Model Horses, "Cool Stuff"
onthespot 42  CA Vintage Marbles, Breyer Model Horses, "Cool Stuff"
outhaul   MA Classic commemoratives
ozzysdad 44  AR Errors Lincoln/Memorial/Wheats Indian Cents Ancients Peace Dollars Morgans Foreign/Misc. State Quarters Dimes/Barber/Mercury/Roosevelt
pakasmom 54  I like any beautiful coin, token or medal. But I LOVE Morgan Silver dollars. For now, I'm solely committed to completing a full set.
Patternlover PA Mint State Two cent pieces. US Patterns. 19th Century tokens. Early proofs..........
PAWPAUL 63  TN Franklins , mint set toned beauties .........
Pcunix 66  MA When I was quite young, I inherited what I now realize was a partial U.S. Type set that my grandfather had. That sparked my interest, and I began collecting coins, a hobby which continued for almost 30 years. At one time I did some small time dealing at local shows. The amount of dishonesty and deception turned me off and I sold everything I owned and gave it all up for another thirty years. I now regret that and am buying the coins that I remember from that type set. Unfortunately some have gone up so much in price that I'll have to settle for lesser grades, but I'm trying to get as close as I can. It's a weird way to collect, because I'll pass over some coins not because they are too expensive but just because they don't match my memory.
PEACEKEEPER TX I collect PCGS graded silver eagles, kennedy halves, ststehood quarters. I also collect raw Morgans, Silver Eagles, Indian Head Pennies, Lincolns, Roosevelt Dimes, Jefferson Nickles. Walking Liberty Halves, Franklins, some Mercury Dimes. Washington Quarters. and have some roll sets started. All this but I still feel like a newbie.
pheh   HI Various STDs and the occasional coin.
PhilDoc   TX
pjgj13 37  PA I am one of those collectors that started collecting when the state quarters came out. Basically that is what I have in my collection. I have the 1999-2006 mint sets, 1999-2006 silver proof sets, 1999-2006 proof sets (some years have 2 sets) and an UNC roll from both mints. I am in the process of getting my platinum package in the mail and sending off some items to be graded. I am probably going to send in a few items a month and see where that takes me. If I get lucky in the grading of my items, I might dig deeper and really get more in depth of collecting.
platinumcrazy 52  CT Platinum Proofs, Modern Commeoratives,Gold Proofs, Proof Sets. Trying to locate anyone who might have Platinum Proof errors? Need to know if anyone else has acquired any $50 2002-W Platinum Proofs damaged or struck with excessive pressure, causing "wire rim" Any one ?
pontiacinf 38  CT I mainly collect high grade PCGS slabbs. Its doesnt matter the coin, although I have been heavily pursuing Statehood for reg sets which one is listed (The Abruzzo & Florenzano Enterprise set)and have 7 full others at home. Also actively pursuing SBA high grades and type 2's. Ive now completed slabbing all coins in my inventory, all thats left raw are 3 bodybags :) wow when did i write that? Im still on top of the statehood issues, and added a few other sets. I derive the most enjoyment outta taking my doubles and giving one to another forum member in need. real fun, try it sometime. :) 9/7/02 ©Bill
PQpeace 46  CA PCGS Peace and Morgan dollars.Both are Registry Sets. Raw BU Mercs,Roosevelts,Washingtons 32-64 and Franklins.
PTVETTER 53  PA I am currently working on a Raw twenth century type set and a PCGS graded mercury dime set. I am currently on the Mercury dime registry set list. I also am a dealer in the Pittsburgh Area.
Purple73 30  NY I'm a new collector(1/04)who is Interested in Franklin Halves and Jefferson Nickels. Currently working on My PCGS slabbed Franklin collection. Trying to put together a MS62-66 FBL set. Slowly but surely I'll get them all together. After that I'll start on my Jeffy Nickel collection then expand into Type sets.
R29Neo 16  IL I collect all U.S. Coins. Flying Eagle, Indian Head, Lincoln, Leibety Head Nickel, Buffalo Nicks, Jefferson, Mercury Dimes, Roosevlet, Standing Liberty Quarters, Washington, yes yes State Quarters too, Walking Liberty Halfs, Fraklin Halfs, Kennedy Halfs, Morgans, Peace, Eisenhower, SBA, Sacs, ans some type sets. None of the really old stuff but that pretty much covers it. I am working on completing all of these sets and I am getting there but I still have a ways to go. Its a developing passion.
radiofrek 52  PA Mainly Morgans. Secondary ASEs,Proofs sets and errors.
radiofrek 52  PA Mainly Morgans. Secondary ASEs,Proofs sets and errors.
rainbowquarters 51  PA Primarily washington quarters (1932-1964). Just finished my registry set, current finest, but will be upgrading some of the 66's with 67's. Also working on replacing all the brilliant and white coins, with REALLY nicely toned ones. I've also started collecting some of the modern stuff, Buffalo C&C sets, state quarter mint sets. PM me if you have any nicely toned washington quarters.
RareDate OK I'm a collector of PCGS slabbed Morgans and Franklins...I also collect Error coins
RayNY2E 59  FL Lincoln Cents,Silver Eagles,Proof Sets,Ship Wreck Coins,Some Currency.
RB1026 47  MO I collect Colonial/Early American period world, colonial, & federal coins. I also am working on a collection of toned coins with my family (they are the only coins my kids like LOL) Been around here for a long time but infrequently post.
RBinTex 48  TX Cool Coins. My cell is 214-597-7055 if you need to reach me. Also, I loan money @1% per month on coins.
redcents 2145977055  TX

I Buy & Sell ALL MS & Proof PCGS Lincoln Cents but specialize in Red, Cam, & DCAM Top Pops. Call 214-597-7055 or 214-616-0846 (& ask for Roger) or see our "totaltravelsolutions" eBay store by clicking Here.

I was the first (& still the only) person in PCGS registry history to complete all 12 of the Lincoln registry sets. PCGS has since added the 09-VDB DD to the 09-58 variety set & now I'm only 99.33% complete in that set - but my sets are still more complete than anyone else's. I completed all those sets in less than 1 year. I've since sold ALMOST all of them (but not the big DD's) off for a small profit & intend to do it all again this year.

See my Registry sets on PCGS under "Roger's Coins" & on NGC under "redcents".

If you have a coin that "fits", let us know what it is and how much or if you are interested in one of ours please make an offer.

BTW, I HAVEN'T been banned from the message boards, but HAVE been prevented from posting due to my truth telling (since corroborated by Russ in the "Isn't this registry abuse?" thread) that no one wanted to hear - oh well. Feel free to e-mail ( or call me.

RedSoxinNYC   NY Silver, gold and platinum coins. I collect for the hobby as well as an investment. I have many silver coins from 1800s-1900s. One of these days I'm going to have an appraiser check out the lot to determine overall value.
RegistryCoin   OO
remumc 48  TX Mercury Dimes. 1934-1945 in MS66FB or better, 1916-1931 in MS63 or better. The occasional MS type coin.
rich 50  CT I collect U.S. Errors and Modern Commems.Also puting together a State Quarter collection Mint State, Clad and Silver Proofs.
richbeat 44  TX U.S. Mint proof and mint sets and commemoratives Canadian Mint proof and mint sets and commemoratives Circulation finds
ricko   WA Coins = Gold Eagles (proof), Silver Eagles (proof, uncirculated), Kennedy halves (all). Firearms - all types. Marbles - vintage.
RickyT 48  CA GOLD, Pre-33 coins and bullion with a fetish for St. Gaudens $20
ritchiewan 37  MO Returning to collecting after years. I am attempting to concentrate on Morgans. I am open to advice and spend alot of time lurking in forums for information. I just started MS Morgan Reg Set and will be adding to it as coins come in. I have just sent 7 White Morgans to PCGS for Cert. Most will be in the 63/65 arena. I have some newer Gold Eagles with a complete set of NCG MS-69 $5, $10, $25 and $50 yr 2000 Eagles and a complete set (1986 - 2001) of Mint SAEs in the Raw.
rlinn 54  AR I've been a collector since the fall of 1955 when my dad became convinced we could find "one of those messed up pennies with two dates stamped on it." We never found a 1955 double die but I did find a hobby that will last a lifetime. I currently collect: Washington Quarters 1932-1964; FBL Franklin Halves; Silver Type Coins
RNCHSN 32  CT I collect Morgans, Peace, Walkers, Franklins, Kennedys, gold coins, old and new commemoratives, 50 states quarters, gold and silver "legal tender" bullion coins (primarily Maples, Eagles, and Libertads), and anything else that catches my eye. I also collect currency, obsolete notes, silver certificates, gold certificates (can't usually afford these), demand notes, ...etc. Ron
robbnsc 57  CA Mostly Slabbed-I just finished my latest Peace $ set (MS62-65), also collect Liberty $10 (MS), Liberty $5 (MS) , Kennedy Halves incl. high grade slabbed DMPrf's before 1974, Various Modern Sets (i.e. Ike's, SBA's, State Quarters). I have been collecting seriously since 1965. I retired for some years during a crappy marriage but I am much more active now, after realizing that I liked collecting much more than I liked her......
robkool   CA I started collecting type set coins, with the continued intrests in upgrades (higher graded pieces). Now, my main focus is on Liberty & Indian US gold types sets... I enjoy coins both raw & slabbed. I'm also into acquiring all key & semi-key dated US pieces that are nice & problem free. I have intrests in coins from ancient & modern China, Canada, & early Mexico...
ronniecoin   MO Coins
Rotts 53  OH I enjoy collecting all coins.They do say variety is the spice to life or was that of life.Raw or slabbed,big or small,bright or dull,i want them all.If you see me on say Hi.
RRich2004 48  NY Modern proofs from 1950 - Present, Morgans, Peace, Franklins
Russ   WA
Proof Kennedy Short Set. Two Cent Pieces. Dust.

The IPOTAD Collection

ryk 39  MO $3's, Dahlonega and New Orleans gold
scarsdalecoin   NY National Dealer of Three Cent Silver Pieces Scarsdale Coin also most US Coins love early gold and my favorite tokens would be maigicians tokens ie tokens that were put out my magicians!
Scootersdad 53  FL Mostly certified Morgan Dollars, Buffalo Nickels and Type set
sdsportsfan 45  TX I collect Indian Head and Lincoln Wheat Cents in F-VF, and Capped Bust, Seated Liberty & Barber halves in F-VF. I'm also looking for a nice PCGS graded 1799 silver dollar in G6 to F15.
Sealyp 32  GA Any and all Quarters is my main focus. Now working on upgrading my US Type set to a PCGS mint state collection.
seateddime 40  FL

I collect Seated coinage

I am always looking to buy or trade

PM me or visit my website seated coins

shirohniichan 35  CA I collect coins of the 1870's, especially US coins from 1873, 1875, and 1876. I also collect 19th century silver coins used in trade with Asia and 1935-present Canadian dollars. My favorite US series are trade dollars and seated liberty coins. I am slowly working on a transition years set to include coins of each year there were two major designs produced as business strikes, and I am almost finished with my set of world 20 cent piece equivalents minted 1875-78.
shoebox911 53  IA Cents, nickels, and dimes.
silver2nd 50  MD I’m new (again) to collecting, focusing mainly on putting together a Cameo Franklin set, along with an extended Walker set. Picking up a few significant Morgans, and Type 3 Double Eagles. Anything else, oh yes…. I too am hooked, just don’t tell the wife :0 Email
SilverDollarMan 47  OH Presently I am working on SLQ's, my goal is ms-60 & up. But I can't stay away from ASE's or Gold Eagles. Hell if they are U.S coins, I'm hooked. Email: City: Cinti,O Hobbies: Coins, Ohio State Football & Outdoors. 4 Kids, 2 Grandchildren (waiting 2 inherit my coins) LOL
silvereagleproof   IN Silver Eagles, Gold & Platinum eagles and all moderm comm. Love PCGS silver eagles but they SPOT and make me Sad!
smprfi 37  CT I collect anything that looks good to me for the money I have to spend on that particular coin, the grade does not matter. I prefer to buy slabbed coins from people.I also collect modern bullion coins. One goal I have set for myself is to buy the complete sets [mint,clad and silver] of the state quarter program.I also buy U.S. currency.My prize bills are an 1899 Black Eagle $1 in XF and a 1917 FRN $2 Jefferson in XF.It is a shame they don't make bills like that any more. I dabble in foreign coins but refrain from any major purchase until I can learn more.
sn3nut 55  OK A varied mix including a little of anything I find interesting ... although for the past couple of years I have been concentrating on Proof Jefferson Nickels. I have a few Morgans, some gold, a complete 1949 mint set (my birth year), and some commems. I also have some of the modern gold, silver and platinum proof eagles. Almost all of my better coins are in PCGS slabs, but I still have boxes of mint and proof sets from the 50's thru the 80's and several Whitman folders I worked on as a kid. I have been collecting, on and off, for about forty years. I have three sets currently in the PCGS Set Registry.
Spiffy469 17  WI I collect just about everything. I am currently working on sets most modern sets. I am getting down to the key dates. I am still in need of silver washington quarters. IF you think you can help me out send me an email at
spyponder   ME Primarily any series prior to it being "presidentialized". Starting in 1909 through 1948 the designs of our coins, in my opinion, became very ordinary compared to those minted previously.
ss350camaro   OR Lincoln Cents, U.S. Type set (Dansco 7070)
staircoins 43  ME
Buying, Selling & Collecting:
Texas! Pre-Republic through Reconstruction
CSA: Texas-related
Nacogdoches: Pre-Republic through 1900

Buying & Selling:
US Large & Small Size Notes
Maine & Texas Obsolete & National Notes
US Coins
Coins of Henneberg-Ilmenau

My Ebay Items
stampalarm   TX I enjoy browsing and buying coins. Then I try to grade them. Then I send them to PCGS and if they grade I sell them. It's fun!
stev32k 64  AL I collect mostly type coins and am fond of Trade Dollars, Bust Halves, and almost all older proofs. I've started hording AU58 Trade Dollars and Bust halves. I also collect DMPL Morgans, and some U.S. Mint products. I also like 1837 no stars dimes and half dimes.
STONE 18  IL I am a collector of all U.S. coin types. My numismatic goal is to have a complete collection of regular strike (MS-type) U.S. coins from 1793 to Present. Grades don't matter a lot to me right now as long as the coin hasn't been harshly cleaned, damaged, or holed. My interest right now is focused on Pre 1840 U.S. coins (1793-1840). Once this goal is achieved, or 90% achieved, I plan to focus on key date Seated coins and so on. I'm not a huge fan of slabbed coins and thus my collection doesn't revolve around having coins in slabs, but I understand their importance as a coin preservation and authentication unit. Raw coins allow more versatility to my viewing of them. I'm not concerned with die varieties or rare errors as of yet. Below is a breakdown of my collection: Bust type: 47/410 coins (11.49%) Seated type: 58/480 coins (11.76%) Barber type: 224/261 coins (85.82%) All other type: 493/722 coins (68.28%) Modern type: 198/1098 coins (18.03%) Total: 1018/2971 coins (34.26%)
Striker 29  UT Just finished my Washington set and now am working on several other sets. Anything US.
stuart   TX Collect 18th & 19th Century Type Coins, Silver Dollars and $20 Gold Pieces with High Eye Appeal
stujoe 36  IL My main area of interest is in business strike, United States coins from 1900-present. I collect them by denomination, date, and mint mark. I normally do not collect proofs, varieties, errors, or gold. I do not buy expensive coins but I do find a lot of enjoyment in my collection none the less.. I also collect World Coins from my birth year and am working on a US type set.
stujoe 36  IL My main area of interest is in business strike, United States coins from 1900-present. I collect them by denomination, date, and mint mark. I normally do not collect proofs, varieties, errors, or gold. I do not buy expensive coins but I do find a lot of enjoyment in my collection none the less.. I also collect World Coins from my birth year and am working on a US type set.
sumnom 175  WA Korean coins from 1888 to 1910, Japanese from Meiji and Taisho, all Manchuko issues, and any US business strikes from half cents to dollars.
supercoin WA
Modern Dollars
PCGS highest-grade modern dollars (Ikes, SBAs, Sacagaweas) on behalf of customers.
Slightly more affordable examples of same for personal collection, with a special interest in attractive toning.
tade 57  MD Modern coins, modern commeratives, dollars from Ike to SAC
telecoin 46  WV
tggr 57  FL I collect PCGS proof Silver eagles and have a registery set. I still need a 65W. Also am working on a Mercury set trying to get 66 Full bands. Collecting modern comm's and Prestiege Proof sets.
thecointrader 50  CA US Coins by date and mint US Type Coins Numismatic Literature Anything GOLD Modern Crap to Flip for purchase of above.
tjkillian 40  CA I collect type from 1793 through 2002, inclusive. Also collect Indian Cent in UNC. I also collect lower grade seated half dimes by date and mint.
tmcsr69 56  MO I collect any and all coins-old and new. My most current interest has been ASE, FS nickels and FB Dimes.
tmot99 36  IL I collect US Type coins. I am currently building a US Type set in MS60-MS65 grades. I am also interested in Bust half dollars and seated half dimes.
TMShirah 29  TX I collect MS65+ fb mercury dimes. I am also slowly working on a collection of "dark-side" coins depicting various images of "Liberty" (thanks in part to Askari and my love of "ladies" on my coins).
tompkins   CA I collect modern PCGS slabs, with a pretty complete high grade set of proofs from 1964 - present in all denominations; and a smattering of earlier ones, and a few MS coins along the way. But I started collecting by setting a goal of filling all the slots in Dansco albums from about the last 150 years. I've made pretty good progress, except there is some work left in the Barbers (dimes, quarters, and halves). While they aren't all great coins, it is pretty complete from the civil War to the present in most denominations: I'm starting to document the collection here!
TonedCoinTrader 37  CA Collect and Sell Any US coin with Natural Rainbow or Wild Color Toning!
tonekiller 33  TX Toned coins!
toners 42  GA I concentrate on bag toned and endroll toned morgans, mintset toned US Silver, intact double mint set with eye appeal. Working on a Rosie toned set in a wayte raymond board. Toned pcgs 66 silver washingtons, toned commems, us type set w/o gold. PCGS and NGC Toned walkers and SL quarters. I have been collecting since I recieved a Sears and Roebuck coin collecting kit from Santa Clause at the age of 12. I dont think to this date that I have ever sold a coin, just a pure collector with a passion for learning all I can about us coins especially toned US Silver and look forward to soaking up knowledge from members of this board. Where I am currently located in NE Ga there are is only one shop in SC across the state line that I can frequent and no clubs to lean on for help and info. I hope to publish a book called TONERS about different types of toning with examples of the good, the bad and the ugly and the do's and dont's, this is a goal and will be a slow work in progress. Thanks/ allen/aka paramedic794
Tootawl 41  MD SAEs, GAEs, Morgans, Type Sets, Mercury Dimes, anything that catches my eye.
TRADERBOBZ 38  ID I collect a wide variety of us coinage,started out with morgan silver dollars and yes beleive it or not 1 of my first coins to the set of dollars was the 1895 proof(cert) wife says i have a addictive behavior( :) ) whatever i start collecting,or doing i do with a attitude or 100%.after much hardship in the last year,i am sad to say i have no morgan dollars left in my collection(out of 3 sets 1 being complete with the 1895 proof). and now i am starting over collecting cents(lincoln)thought it would be cheaper to do rather than jumping into ms-65 or better morgans again :(. but you know the fun is in the hunt,and when you do complete a set or 3 sets of something(atleast for me) it only wants you to start over with something else again and again,so yea you would say i am a avid collector!even if sometimes life is shitty and you have to sell everything you have to stay alive,and keep the family going,i dont mind again its the thrill of the hunt for me,i dont think anyone would like to go hunting at a petting zoo? anyway i collect what i can afford and enjoy the people i meet along the way.
Treedoc 48  WI Error coins, any cool coin I find in circulation or that I can buy or trade for what I think is a good deal.
Trime   CA I specialize in: 19th Century silver and nickel coins : especially 3CS, 3CN, LS HD,dimes,20C,quarters,halves, TD. Also patterns from the same period. Most of my collection is in MS and PF 65-68.
truthteller CA I'm here for 'da Truth', the whole truth and nothing but the truth. If the truth is there, I'll find it. If the truth is hidden, I'll uncover it. If the truth is a lie, I'll slam it. So WATCH OUT villains, coin doctors, AGC sellers, overgraders, greedy newbie cheaters, I'm here and I'll find you, expose you and turn you over to the forum superheros where you will meet a gruesome death!
Twowood   NY I'm collecting Peace dollars and I'm trying to upgrade my collection to 100% PCGS MS65.It's neither cheap nor easy but it keeps me off the streets. I also have a miscellaneous collection of Mercuries,Rosies and Buffalo nickles and super looking proofs. I spend a lot of time reading and occasionally contributing to, the US Coin Forum.This has become my major source of information about coins with the nicest group of people I've ever met.
usarok 53  AP AP in the state is correct, it stands for Area Pacific it's part of the US Military APO address for those stationed in Korea and elsewhere in the Pacific Theater. It also helps explain my forum ID, USAROK. I'm from the USA and part of the US Forces here in the Republic of Korea (ROK). My main collecting interest is to complete a 50 piece early commemorative type set with coins primarily in the grades of MS65 or better, possessing exceptional eye appeal, and preferably nicely toned. I'm also working on a 20 piece USA-Philippines Type Set and my Birth Year Mint Set. Although it doesn't fit into any of the previously mentioned sets, my favorite coin is the PCGS AU50 1794 Head of 1794 Sheldon 31 Large Cent that I added to my collection in January 2005. The beauty and history of this coin just fascinates me.

This link will take you to an image gallery of some of the coins in my
Early Commemoratives Type Set
USMintMan 14  IL I collect PCGS slabs, currently of modern dates. Have a PCGS Modern Type Registry Set on PCGS, which is nearing a third done. Will hopefully in my future finish it. Also, I occasionally buy beanie babies for resale.
utahcoin 54  TX My passion is Indian Cents. I have 3 complete sets, 1 g-vg, 1-xf, and 1 au-bu. I am from St George, UT but recently moved to the DFW area for my wifes work. We will return to to St George by 2011 or so.
Vamseeker   IL I collect business strike Morgan dollars.
vega1 37  TX Currently working on a certified US Type Set as my primary collection.
vplite 12  MO Dimes - Dollars. Modern gold. Pretty things. Whatever I like. More recently most of my purchases have been gold and silver bullion coins at a small to no premium.
WhiteTornado 33  FL Cents: Indian Head
Nickels: Liberty Head and Shield
Dimes: Barber and Seated
Quarters: Barber and Seated
Halves: Barber and Seated
Dollars: Peace
Darkside (foreign coins):   Anything I don't have.   Especially like coins from Africa.
Generally, the older the coin, the more I like it.   For US Coins, I mostly buy circulated business strikes.
wilbur 33  FL I collect mint and proof sets,modern comm's,colonials,half & large cents,civil war tokens,and working on my modern proof registry set.
wondo 42  PA 18th century type
WoodenJefferson   TX No really, really specialized interests, Walking Libs, Franklins and Jefferson nickels are my choice. General knowledge about this hobby because of the number of years involved with coins. The introduction of the internet has made me whole…it is so easy now to research just about any topic in regards to coins. I’m from an era where books, magazines, newspapers and word of mouth were the only vehicles available for Numismatics. Have a wonderful day...think positive!
yaha 47  MD $20 Libs, $20 St.Gauden $50 Bullion Gold coins. Frankies,Kennedys Halves. ASE's. Clad/Silver Statehood Quarters. Many other gold coins in my collection such as Kugerands,Maples,Peso. My three TPG are Pcgs,NGC,ICG.
ziggy29 40  TX Areas of interest and projects:

* EF/AU small cents, 1857-1933

* Certified AU-58 type set

* VF/EF Seated Dimes

* AU Two Cent Pieces and Three Cent Nickels