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Clemente card on ebay, graded 8 by CSG, who are "better than PSA". Only $1200 for an 8. I looked at my PSA 8 1961 Topps Clemente, and I don't think this 8 is nicer. Doesn't make me want to send cards there, maybe I'm wrong. Thoughts?


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    Where's a pic of your card? Though the following form the listing is lame....

    --CSG is here to stay and will overtake PSA in the field of card-grading, thanks to CSG's integrity, quality, and consistency.

    --A CSG graded-card will always be of a higher quality than that of a PSA-graded card having the same score.

    --CSG stands for "Certified Sports Guaranty"

    --CSG's sister company is called NGC. NGC ("Numismatic Guaranty Corporation") is the world's largest and most trusted third-party grading service for coins, tokens and medals. NGC has operated since 1987--that's 34 years.

    --CSG is operated and managed by its parent company, Certified Collectibles Group (CCG), the world’s leading provider of expert, impartial and tech-enabled services that add value and liquidity to collectibles. The CCG companies include Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC), Paper Money Guaranty (PMG), Certified Guaranty Company (CGC), Classic Collectible Services (CCS), Certified Sports Guaranty (CSG), Authenticated Stamp Guaranty (ASG) and Collectibles Authentication Guaranty (CAG). Since 1987, the CCG companies have certified more than 60 million coins, banknotes, comic books, trading cards, stamps, estate items and related collectibles. Today, CCG serves the world of collectibles online and at its offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany and China.

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    Spam keywording at it's finest!

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    @RufussCkingston said:
    Where's a pic of your card?

    Mine has some of the same print dots in the bottom, but not the touched corners. His 8 is better than my 5s, and my 8 isn't the best ever 8, but if you send that 8 to PSA today I don't think it gets a PSA 8

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    Your 8 is a damn fine card. Thanks for posting the pic.

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    I like your PSA 8 better than the CSG. But if I saw the CSG in a PSA 8 slab I would not think it looks terribly out of place -- I would probably think it was on the "lower end" of the PSA 8 scale.

    Maybe yours is worthy of an 8.5 (depending on what that spot is on the left border at his shoulder, and also the back)

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    Here’s my opinion and that and $1 will buy you a cup of coffee.
    Younger, inexperienced collectors that were into comics will recognize CSG as a reputable grading company.
    Just like all the 2nd tier companies that were around in the early 2000’s. I.E Pro, it will take them sometime to realize that PSA is the leader and then they will gravitate to the leader.
    Trying to over take PSA has been tried and has failed.
    PSA leader grading service
    SGC preferred by prewar collector
    Beckett has been able to hold their own in modern and autographed rookies.
    Those 3 companies are very reputable and will always be an option
    Only time will tell if CSG will take hold

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