Can currency exchanges accept large amounts of coins?

Hello, I am wondering if any currency exchanges can accept large amounts of coins? I collect Canadian coins from pocket change and coin roll hunting. Are currency exchanges able to accept large amounts of coins? Maybe like $500 or more on Canadian coins?


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    No, only a handful (less than $100) - you'll have to take it to a Coinstar type machine. Most banks don't have a coin counter anymore due to a recent scandal for skimming.


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    I assume you are in US, and no, banks in US don't take Canadian coins, and I doubt any exchange will either. You need to go to Canada to spend or exchange them. I'm in US south of Vancouver , so I buy up the CA change at coin shops, and bring to Van. I spend it there, and the hotel I stay at will take a lot of it (in rolls) if I put it towards the bill.

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