2018 PSA Group Red Flip Auto Sub - Official Thread - ALL SUBS POPPED!

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That time of year again. Thanks for posting in the interest thread. As mentioned there, all cards will be $16/pop with a max insurance value of $250/ea. I'd like to do this sub on March 16. That schedule would dictate:

March 9: Log Sheets to me . Give me a few days to adjust last year's sheet. Should be very similar. Please do fill out my sheet if at all possible as opposed to sending your own. Here's a link to pull down an excel sheet from Dropbox:


Download and don't fill out online please. I can just as easily email it to you if you shoot me an email at [email protected]

March 13: All cards in my posession

March 16: Cards to PSA

One adjustment from last year. PSA will not allow a minimum grade to default to AUTHENTIC if it doesn't meet the minimum. They didn't last year either but I begged forgiveness and they did me a solid. So if you have a minimum grade, if it does not meet that grade, it will not be put in a holder. The raw card will come back.

Categories for submission will be:

OPTION 1: Grade Card AND Grade Autograph
OPTION 2: Grade Card DO NOT Grade Auto (it will be AUTHENTIC ONLY)
OPTION 3: Card AND Autograph AUTHENTIC only
OPTION 4: Tallboy Grade Card / Autograph Authentic only

If you have 30+ cards that would go in an unlisted category, let me know and I'll try to help you out.

Per usual, going to have to keep a 10 card minimum per submitter. It's just too difficult to get the shipping all sorted if it's less than that. In the past I've appreciated you guys going with the flow and joining your submissions to compensate.

THIS IS A GO. Hit me up with questions. Thanks!

MrHockey, 11, COMPLETE
Recbball, 40, COMPLETE
ghooper33. 20, COMPLETE
rtimmer, 12, COMPLETE
tsalem1, 10, COMPLETE
churchiscool, 10, COMPLETE
Canjond, 11, COMPLETE
maddux69, 10, COMPLETE
Kard_Life, 43, COMPLETE
Luftmich, 21, COMPLETE
ripublicaninMA, 12, COMPLETE
MyDaughtersName, 20, COMPLETE
RailsideCards, 130, COMPLETE
miwlvrn, 29, COMPLETE
stagno33, 11, COMPLETE
Soonerific, 30, COMPLETE
jeff550, 37, Cards Arrived, Awaiting Payment
jmaciu, 12, COMPLETE
InitialD, 30, COMPLETE
spanky74, 10, COMPLETE
jswieton, 45, COMPLETE
puckplayer, 42, COMPLETE

Cards to PSA this week! Thanks to you guys for getting stuff in on time. Glad we have plenty. There were a few flakes but we got there anyway.



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