Early Dated Coins of Europe by Levinson - POST some coins!

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I came across this book in another thread and it looks interesting, but there are only a few preview pages available on Amazon.

Can anyone offer a review or recommendation? Thanks in advance.


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    This book concerns European coins dated before 1501 A.D.
    Well organized by regions. Bob spent several years researching
    his book. The current edition is 10+ years old. If Medieval coinage
    is an area of the hobby that you enjoy, I highly recommend its
    purchase. WARNING Many of the listed coins are extremely
    rare, less than 6 known. The great majority of those coins are in
    museums. The rest come along infrequently. The listing may say
    25+ known but even these coins only come along infrequently.
    I have been collecting them for over 15 years. At the Denver
    ANA I spent 2 hours discussing these coins with Bob. He freely
    shares his knowledge on the topic. If you have any questions
    on this topic please do not hesitate to PM me.

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    @Tibor - Many thanks for the information!

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    @Tibor good job! Hope to see you again in Knoxville in a couple of weeks .. ?

    Kind regards,


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    I hope to be there. Depends upon my employer.

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    Great book. Buy from Charlie Davis for less than the Amazon price though (unless you're getting Kindle version).



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    Ok - thanks for all the replies and input. Another question - how about any of the books by Peter Spufford? He wrote "Money and its Use in Medieval Europe" and "Power and Profit: The Merchant in Medieval Europe."

    Mostly looking for a good general read about the money in the middle ages more than a reference book.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I'm not familiar with either book, so I can't comment.


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    Follow up to this thread - I did purchase a copy of this book. What a labor of love! I can't believe that one person was able to put this all together.

    Even if the coins are EXTREMELY rare, the book has really interesting information, great pictures. Glad I purchased it, and plan to probably try and pursue some of the more modest coins in it.

    I also found this website to be helpful. It was new to me so if interested link here:

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    Sooo, who's got an early dated coin to post??

    Coin-specific photobucket alternative:

    Check it out!
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    CNG has had early dated coins as a theme in an auction a few years ago. Dated coins from before 1500 are rare, but not necessarily that valuable as there is a fairly limited collector interest in them unfortunately. I remember some of the coins going for prices in the low hundreds.

    Easily affordable early dated coins start in the early 16th century with Hungarian denars and Polish grosz coins.

    In memory of my kitty Seryozha 14.2.1996 ~ 13.9.2016
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    I have some undated medieval coins, like the one below. As an aside I am getting interested in saints on coins.

    But my first dated coin is this recent purchase -a batzen (quarter sized) coin from Salzburg.

    And as mentioned above the polish groschen coins can be cheap... this one was ~$100.

    It would be great to see some early dated coins - particularly any with Roman numerals or other early arabic numbers that look a bit different than modern numbers. Thanks in advance!

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    Sooo, who's got an early dated coin to post??

    I have nothing before 1501, so nothing covered by the book. But, here's some from the 1500s.

    1539 Prussia Groschen

    1544 Hungary Denar

    1550 Besancon 1/2 Carolus

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    My earliest dated piece. Sometimes "darkside" is in the eye of the beholder:

    We are like children who look at print and see a serpent in the last letter but one, and a sword in the last.
    --Severian the Lame
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    1374 Aachen

    I have others if the forum is interested.
    Todd from blucc took the pics. An excellent job.

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    @Tibor Fire away I say. Great coin! Aachen is on my want list.

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    I purchased these three coins directly from Bob Levinson:

    GERMANY Saxony Duchy and Elector Spitzgroschen EF -- #ME77335
    AR Spitzgroschen 22mm. 1.43g. Zwickau Mint. 1478


    Landsberger arms in trefoil.

    Levinson I-163

    EF. Ex Robert A. Levinson collection. Includes ticket.

    GERMANY Saxony Elector Ernst and Duke Albrecht 1482-1485 Half Schwertgroschen EF -- #ME77336
    AR Half Schwertgroschen 26mm. 1.99g. Zwickau/Schneeberg Mint. 1482

    Elector's arms in trefoil.

    Landsberg-Meissen arms in trefoil.

    Levinson I-185

    EF. Ex Robert A. Levinson collection. Includes ticket.

    LOWLANDS Duchy Brabant Philip 'the Fair,' Duke of Burgundy 1492-1506 Double Patard EF -- #ME77368
    AR Double Patard 29mm. 2.93g. Antwerp Mint. 1500

    Crowned arms of Austria-Burgundy before polylobe.

    Ornate triple-straneded short cross flouree; mintmark in center.

    Levinson II-153b

    EF. Good metal. Some golden toning in devices. Ex Robert A. Levinson collection. Includes ticket.


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    Josh Moran

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    @CIVITAS Those are really nice. Bob is the best.
    Very friendly and always willing to share his knowledge
    and expertise.

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    One of my favorites

    These don't come along very often

    This and the 1402 are in NGC plastic

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