HAWAII $1 Silver Certificate

I'm not a currency guy, so I was wondering if this worn out and torn example of a HAWAII Silver Certificate has any value over face value. I am helping someone liquidate a numismatic estate and there were a few ratty old bills in it like this one. Thanks in advance for your input.

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    This is surely worth over face. Others here might be able to give a better value estimate, but this is no spender!

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    SC is the most common serial number block by far. This one is pretty worn out and looks to have a few fold tears. These sell on eBay in this or slightly better condition for around $8 - $10 or so. If you sold to a dealer, you might get a few bucks as a wholesale buy price -- beats face value.

  • I agree with mvs's value assessment.

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    i still like to see them in any condition. just saying

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    Without the small edge tears it's a $15-$20 item, with them it's still worth $5-$10 or so.

    They were printed with a different color seal so if Hawaii (and this currency) was to fall into Japanese control, this currency could be declared non redeemable. That never happened and the currency remains legal tender today. $1s, $5s, $10s and $20s were printed but no $50s or $100s.

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    Thanks everyone. In reading about the history of this note I was astonished to learn that they destroyed much of the currency that the HAWAII notes replaced, instead of shipping everything back to the mainland! That just seems crazy!

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