Registry quality Mercury and Roosevelt dimes FSHO - prices lowered - new items added!

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Dimes I have for sale from upgrading my Mercury dime sets, and some Rossies from my 1955 Mint Set all PCGS. Priced as marked or best offer.

Prices are for cash, check, money order, or PayPal friends & family. Regular PayPal or credit cards accepted with a 4% fee.

Free Shipping & insurance via USPS Priority Mail on the Mercs. $7.15 USPS Priority Mail shipping on the Roosies.

Satisfaction guaranteed, 7 day return privilege

Email me at

PayPal payments to my email address.

I do not have great photo skills on coins. What you see are my best efforts. If you need more photos, or better photos, let me know & I will do my best.

1917-S MS65FB Some gold/caramel toning on both sides $850.00

1920-D MS64FB Beautiful violet & rose toning on both sides $1,150.00

1925-S MS64FB Olive & blue toned obverse, speckled olive toned reverse $1,250.00

1926-S MS63FB Champagne toning $2,350.00

1931-S MS65FB Old green label holder, Pastel gold, rose, & violet obverse, pastel gold reverse $2,150.00

1934-D MS67FB CAC Blast White $1,600.00

1936-D MD67FB CAC A small amount of speckled tobacco rim toning on the obverse $775.00

1938-D MS67FB CAC Speckled tobacco toning on the obverse, faint yellow on the reverse $250.00

1938-D MS67+FB Just a light kiss of gold toning $900.00

1940 MS67+FB Blast White $350.00

1942-S MS67FB CAC Blast white $425.00

1944 MS67FB CAC Blast White $1,150.00

1945-S MS67FB CAC Beautiful gold and pastel caramel toning $550.00

From my 1955 Mint Set:

1955 MS66FB $150.00 Blast white

1955-D MS66FB $45.00 Blast white

1955-S MS66FB $90.00 Blast white




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