REWARD: 1908 Eliasberg Philippine Proofs Stolen?

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I need some help to find auction sales of Eliasberg’s 1908 10c, 20c, 50c and one Peso Philippine Proofs.
I have checked the 2007 Heritage Auction #425, but these four coins seem to missing.
Does anyone know where these four coins sold and for what amounts?
Thank you!


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    I would also like to know when and where Eliasberg sold his 1908 dated proof USPI coins. Anyone?


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    You might want to try mcsearch, which is a compilation of auction results from many sources. But be sure to put in precise search criteria to get the best result .
    Good luck!

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    Thank you @RMW !

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    Good site.
    They had results for some of Eliasberg’s Philippine coins, but not his 1908s.
    The search continues.
    Thanks again.

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    Heritage has sold several sets and singles for 1908 per their archives, but none were specifically identified as part of the Eliasberg Collection.
    There is at least one set offered for sale thru the Heritage Make Offer to Owner Program, per their archives.

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    Thank you!!

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    $100 REWARD ADDED. :)

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    If you find that Heritage or any other auctioneer has sold one, will they get in-touch with the winner to find out if they are interested in selling?

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    I suppose it would be possible, however my goal is just to get the information only.
    I found the needed sales info for Eliasberg’s U. S. Philippine coins except these four 1908 Proof coins; one peso, 50c, 20c and 10 centavos.
    I appreciate the help.

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    The Heritage archives lists the coins that have sold along with the selling prices, certified grades, date sold and the original description from its catalog. Any owner wishing to sell can set up with Heritage in order for them to highlight a "make offer to owner", which is added to the archived record. Owners typically have 72 hours to accept or reject an offer. Often they dont respond in that time frame in which case the offer is rejected. Sometimes, although the owner rejects an offer, a counteroffer is made, for the bidder to respond to.
    Heritage gets a cut of the agreed upon price from the seller.

    I now see that the upcoming Stacks auction in January has a 1908 set on offer.

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    I just heard that Eliasberg’s 1908 Philippine Proof coins may have been stolen, and never reached auction.

    Can anyone provide any evidence of the possibility?

    Reward still applies.
    Thank you!

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