Want to Buy: 1951 Wheaties Premium JACK KRAMER

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Hello everyone! I'm brand new, I'm a big Yankee fan and I collect all sorts of vintage (pre 1970) memorabilia, especially the Yankees.

Anyway, the 1951 Wheaties Premium Photos is the set I am currently working on. There are 12 cards in the set (9 baseball, 3 other) and I still need:

B - Phil Rizzuto - GOT IT
D - Bob Feller - GOT IT
L - Jack Kramer (tennis) - STILL NEED IT!

I love the set and would buy ANY if the price is right. I have a Mickey and they're quite expensive so I'd be lying if I said I want to see his cards at their typical (rightfully so) price tags. I also have a few from the set I could trade(Musial and Schalow) - and some other cool stuff, too. I am obviously looking primarily for these three above. I'm not worried about condition or grade; set completion is the main goal. If anyone has a lead on where I can land them or any for sale or trade themselves, let me know! I follow most reputable auction sites, I've run a few searches here (and similar forums, and I have seen what's on eBay) but so far have come up empty for these three. PSA has graded 1 Rizzuto, 7 Feller's and 0 Kramer's so I know that this is probably just the latest haystack but searching for the needle is half the fun...

Wish me luck! (UPDATED)

Curious about the rare, mysterious and beautiful 1951 Wheaties Premium Photos?



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