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A PCGS submission question(s).

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1). On the PCGS grading guidelines page for "Tokens and Medals" it states --- •So-Called Dollars, from the reference "So-Called Dollars 2nd Edition" by Hibler & Kappen as the reference for attributing and grading SC$'s.
2). On page six of that reference there are guidelines for what qualifies and what is accepted as a SC$. There are (8) "limitations" listed, no. 4 being No holed or looped material unless struck plain also. Our no. 1 through 3 are the sole exceptions.
3). Turning to page 18 of the reference there is a listing for "Liberty Bell Dollars" and a picture of an unholed medal.

So now, the question:
I recently submitted a small group of raw SC$'s to PCGS, among them a choice HK-25/holed with a ring for suspension. This medal clearly fits the PCGS guidelines; it was returned in a flip noted as "DAMAGE - HOLED" which seems odd to me.

Can anyone offer a plausible explanation?? Is this another case such as the DCarr 1964 overstuck Peace Dollar where PCGS says what they will do and then choose not to do it?? Could it just be an oversight by a grader who was ignorant of the guidelines??

Al H.


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    edited September 25, 2017 1:41PM

    AFAIK, it is up to the TPGS graders to make a distinction. For example, if the SC$ exists w/o a hole, then IMO, any sent to a TPGS with a hole should be slabbed and given a "details" grade. It's really that simple. What is the HK # of your piece?

    After reading your post, It appears that they write they will do both holed and not holed items. Your question belongs with them, not here. Let us know what they say.

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