Latest addition to 'my wife's' ancient collection Updated

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I started a collection for my wife back in December, here's the latest addition.





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    Well you are a very good husband!
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    << <i>I started a collection for my wife back in..... >>

    Me too, a collection for my wife, yeah all the coins I buy are for my wife that's the ticket.
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    Yeah, my too.

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    Great idea to get her involved image Incidentally, I have a collection of US coins for my wife, consisting of a couple 3CSs and a HR Saint.
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    I haven't come across that reverse legend before.
    You picked a Septimius Severus with a great portrait for your wife's collection. It appears to have some pleasing toning too.
  • interesting, I believe my tortoise is collecting the 12 caesars and my gf obscure greek ancients image

    very nice septimius severus there!
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    My wife has a "collection" of Roman empresses, so far she owns one coin and hasn't been looking to add to it image
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    My ex-wife has a grouping of circulated, but very wholesome, Imperial Russian coins. In fact, she's the reason I have such a fondness for large Imperial Russian copper pieces. Each time I get a new piece, I email her the pics.

    She also has (or had?) a big map of the USA with holes in it for each State Quarter. I bought the map for her, taught her how to handle coins, selected the best specimens and even told her about mint marks and proof versus MS.

    My current wife seems to tolerate my collecting and spending, but really accumulates shoes.


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    The reason for doing this, my wife is pretty indifferent to my main collecting area, lightside, but expressed a little interest in ancients....thats all the window I needed. Im trying to stay with higher quality, good portraits, and may keep it to silver denarius coins. She seems to like the Roman coins best, but i may sneak in a Greek or Persisn coin or two.
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    I bought a Bolivar for my bison
    an English crown for my cat,
    a golden angel for my dog,
    a Condor for my rat.

    My fish are partial to Dubloons,
    my parakeet prefers Reales,
    the spider enjoys Tael
    and the ferret loves Riyals!

    Off to Petco tomorrow
    another deserving companion
    I shall find.
    My wife?
    Oh, never mind.

    She's not into coins...image
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    Update, here's the latest addition

  • ChangeInHistoryChangeInHistory Posts: 2,035 ✭✭✭✭

    This was a Christmas gift for her, she's starting to appreciate them. This got a wow from her ( and her parents)

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    You are a lucky man. If I gave a coin to my wife as a Christmas present, she would look at me like I just bought her a new vacuum.

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    It's a beauty!

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