Currency Uno - The Game

I'm borrowing an idea from the coin board, and a game started by LordMarcovan called "coin Uno". His post now has well over 3000 replies spanning 8 years, with hundreds upon hundreds of fabulous coins from participants in the game.

So, I figured why not start a similar thread on the currency side and see where this goes. The game is simple - very similar to the card game Uno.

I will start by posting a currency note from my collection.

Anyone can follow my post with a note of their own that matches ANY of the following:

- Same denomination
- Same series year
- Same seal type
- Same charter number
- Same signatures
- Same serial number
- Same district

Someone must then follow THAT note with another one, and so on and so on. The only other rule (as if there will be any enforcement ha) is that you cannot post back to back notes.

There is no "end" to the game, so here goes nothing. Have fun!

(Edit: Added "Same signatures" and "Same serial number" as options for playing)
I like large size currency and silver dollars.


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